1st Edition

Functional Pavement Design Proceedings of the 4th Chinese-European Workshop on Functional Pavement Design (4th CEW 2016, Delft, The Netherlands, 29 June - 1 July 2016)

Edited By Sandra Erkens, Xueyan Liu, Kumar Anupam, Tan Yiqiu Copyright 2016

    Functional Pavement Design is a collections of 186 papers from 27 different countries, which were presented at the 4th Chinese-European Workshops (CEW) on Functional Pavement Design (Delft, the Netherlands, 29 June-1 July 2016). The focus of the CEW series is on field tests, laboratory test methods and advanced analysis techniques, and cover analysis, material development and production, experimental characterization, design and construction of pavements. The main areas covered by the book include:

    - Flexible pavements
    - Pavement and bitumen
    - Pavement performance and LCCA
    - Pavement structures
    - Pavements and environment
    - Pavements and innovation
    - Rigid pavements
    - Safety
    - Traffic engineering

    Functional Pavement Design is for contributing to the establishment of a new generation of pavement design methodologies in which rational mechanics principles, advanced constitutive models and advanced material characterization techniques shall constitute the backbone of the design process. The book will be much of interest to professionals and academics in pavement engineering and related disciplines.

    Flexible Pavements

    A multi-scale diagnosis model for asphalt pavement cracking in China
    D. Wang, A. Cannone Falchetto, M. Goeke, M.P. Wistuba & Y. Tsai

    A new look at the UK flexible pavement design method
    I. Artamendi, B. Allen & P. Phillips

    A numerical definition of functional pavement
    R. Guo, Y. Zhou, S. Chen & Y. Zhao

    Adhesion properties of warm recycled mixtures produced with different WMA additives
    F. Frigio, A. Stimilli, M. Bocci & F. Canestrari

    Applications of FEMOL and EEP self-adaptive method in static analysis of asphalt pavement structures
    Y. Dong, Q. Xing, N. Fang & S. Yuan

    Comparative study on dynamic modulus of asphalt mix with two-point bend and uniaxial compression
    Y. Huang, Z. Liu, X. Wang & S. Li

    Compressible behaviour of bituminous mixtures in creep recovery test in confinement
    A. Mathruswamy, P.K. Athira & S.P. Atul Narayan

    Economically optimal structural design methodology for flexible pavements
    A. Tsiknas & A. Athanasopoulou

    Effect of different variables on asphalt mechanical properties
    H.M. Al-Mosawe, N.H. Thom, G.D. Airey & A.H. Al-Bayati

    Evaluating the feasibility of Freeze-Thaw cycling test on durability of asphalt mixtures: A pilot study
    C.-H. Ho, J.Y. Shan, F.Y. Wang & Y.Y. Chen

    Evaluation of asphalt pavement bearing capacity using SAFEM
    P. Liu, D. Wang, F. Otto, J. Hu & M. Oeser

    Formulation and application of Burger Model Based Representation function in characterization of asphalt mixtures
    C.-H. Ho

    Issues related to measurement of dynamic modulus of bituminous mixtures
    S. Deepa, U. Saravanan & J. Murali Krishnan

    Low-temperature properties evaluation index of Rubber Asphalt
    Y.K. Fu, L. Zhang, Y.Q. Tan & D.Y. Meng

    Mechanical performance of pavement using porous asphalt as overlay in maintenance
    M. Li, B. Xu, D. Cao, S. Ping, Y. Fan & J. Li

    Multiscale modeling to predict Hot Mix Asphalt stiffness behavior
    L. Eberhardsteiner, B. Hofko & R. Blab

    Prediction of dynamic tensile strain at the bottom of asphalt concrete layer under FWD load
    C. Ai, C. Xiao, D. Ren & Y. Qiu

    Regularities of creep and long-term strength of hot asphalt concrete under tensile
    B.B. Teltayev, A. Iskakbayev & C. Oliviero Rossi

    Research on nonlinear fatigue damage properties of asphalt mixture based on the decay of strength
    H. Liu, Z. Ouyang, C. Liu & G. Qian

    Review of Mechanistic-Empirical design approach for asphalt pavements
    A. Gupta & S. Adhikari

    Simulation of three point bending test of asphalt mixture based on Cohesive Zone Model
    T.H. Yan, X.M. Huang & T. Ma

    The effect of mixing sequence on the workability and indirect tensile strength of asphalt concrete
    J. Voskuilen, B. Gaarkeuken, D. van Vliet & M. Poot

    The impact of dynamic modulus of various HMA mixes on fatigue cracking prediction
    K. Georgouli, C. Plati & A. Loizos

    The use of steel mesh reinforcement for the cracking control in flexible pavements: FE analysis in static and dynamic conditions
    M. Agostinacchio, D. Ciampa, S. Olita & M. Simonetti

    Use of dissipated energy to quantify fatigue life of Warm Mix Asphalt
    K. Lakshmi Roja & J. Murali Krishnan

    Use of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide for bituminous pavements in India
    B. Dokku & J. Murali Krishnan

    Pavement & Bitumen

    Application of high percentage of RAP in asphalt mixture: Blending process and performance investigation
    B. Yu, Q. Liu, F. Ni & M. Wu

    Behavior characteristic of Rubber Powder Modifier (RPM) during ageing process of Rubber Modified Asphalt (RMA)
    P. Xiao, Y. Wang, A. Kang & J. Zheng

    Characterization of stable crumb rubber asphalt and mixture
    T. Ma, Q. Ye, C.Y. Wu & X.M. Huang

    Density calculations of the asphalt model using Molecular Dynamics (MD) method with different force fields
    H. Yao, Q. Dai & Z. You

    Effect of spindle diameter and plate gap on the rheological properties of asphalt binders
    B. Singh, N. Saboo & P. Kumar

    Effect of the Xanthan gum biopolymer on rheological and aging properties of bitumens
    L.-l. Tu, S.-p. Wu, G. Liu & Q. Liu

    Effects of the warm-mix surfactant content on the rheological properties of asphalt
    Y. Yang, H. Liu, E. Li, Y. Dong & L. Yang

    Estimation of viscous and fatigue dissipation of bituminous concrete in repeated loading tests
    R. Gupta & S.P. Atul Narayan

    Evaluation of intermolecular interaction between virgin and aged asphalt binders using GPC
    Y. Ding, B. Huang & X. Shu

    Evaluation of oxidation products generated in long term field-aged bitumen
    K. Zhao, Y. Wang, Y. Wen & D. Chong

    Experimental study on warm mix technology of rubber modified asphalt mixture
    A.H. Kang, M.B. Yao, X.Y. Jiu & P. Xiao

    How to characterize the mechanical response of Bitumen Stabilized Material?
    M.K. Nivedya, A. Veeraragavan & J. Murali Krishnan

    Investigation on asphalt’s wax-induced phase separation behavior and its impact on rheological properties
    M. Gong, H. Yao, T. Pauli, Z. Yao & J. Yang

    Investigation on fatigue properties of basalt fiber asphalt mixture
    P. Xiao, Y. Lv, J. Jiang & Z.G. Wu

    Laboratory evaluation of rejuvenated asphalt binders
    F. Giustozzi, E. Toraldo & M. Crispino

    Laboratory investigations of DBM (Grade 1) mix using different types of additives
    K. Gupta, T. Chopra & M. Kumar

    Low temperature cracking of modified asphalt mixtures as related to binder characteristics
    W. Huang, B. Li & P. Wang

    Material optimal design of binder course between new and existing pavement in Alpine regions
    W. Wei, N. Li & C. Han

    Microscopic evaluation method of Polymer Modified Bitumen performance
    C. Kou, A. Kang, P. Xiao & Z. Wu

    Performance of asphalt binders modified with Re-refined Engine Oil Bottoms (REOB)
    T. Bennert, C. Ericson, R. Corun & F. Fee

    Physical and rheological characteristics of unaged and aged binders
    B.A. Feyissa

    Research on the adhesive properties between asphalt and aggregates in high temperatures based on the theory of surface free energy
    Y.Z. Wang, X.D. Wang, Y. Zhang & Y.Z. Zhang

    Study on the permanent deformation of HR rubber powder composite modified asphalt mixture based on dynamic creep test
    Z. Wu, R. Lu, D. Cai & P. Xiao

    The "false positive" on the antiaging properties of asphalt fines investigated by RTFO laboratory aging of mastics
    M. Makowska & T.K. Pellinen

    The application of Polyphosphoric Acid for preparation of polymer-modified bituminous blends
    O. Shulga, R. Maldonado, L. Degao & Z. Yan

    The high temperature performance and microstructure of TLA modified asphalt
    F.Q. Dong, X. Yu, S.J. Liu, B. Xu & J. Chen

    The importance of wetting in healing of bitumen
    G.A. Leegwater, A. Scarpas & S.M.J.G. Erkens

    The rheological properties and microstructure of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt
    G.Y. Ding, X. Yu, F.Q. Dong & F. Gu

    Thermal behaviour of extracted rubber from hot and warm rubberized asphalt binders
    H.Y. Yu, Z. Leng & Z.M. Gao

    Using molecular dynamics to investigate interfacial adhesion between asphalt binder and mineral aggregate
    M. Guo, Y. Tan, A. Bhasin, J. Wei, X. Yang & Y. Hou

    Viscoelastic solid-fluid transition in bitumen using rheology and FTIR spectroscopy
    M.R. Nivitha & J. Murali Krishnan

    Pavement Performance & LCCA

    A finite element model to evaluate the effect of vegetation on temperature variations of pavements
    C.-H. Ho, H. Dai & A.-M. Davidescu

    A modelling and optimizing approach on the pavement maintenance management
    Z. Cheng & Y. Qiao

    Aggregating network-level pavement performance data based on Gaussian Mixture Models
    Y. Yu, L. Sun & H. Zhu

    Analysis and modeling of rutting for long life asphalt concrete pavement
    B.A. Feyissa

    Analysis of effects of high temperature and heavy traffic loads on anti-rutting performance of Gravel Asphalt Concrete mixtures
    S.Z. Zhu, S.Q. Wang & X.M. Huang

    Calibration of rutting prediction model for semi-rigid pavement and sensitivity analysis
    Y. Zhu, F. Ni & H. Li

    Energy-consumption model for Chinese highway maintenance based on Life Cycle Assessment
    H. Tang, H.D. Kuai & X.M. Huang

    Measuring the sustainability of roads: Will a rating tool do? A developing country perspective
    C. Rudman & K. Jenkins

    Multi-index design method of asphalt overlay based on pavement performance
    X.C. Hou, Y.Y. Ren, L.P. Cao & S. Yang

    On the use of Normalised Modulus for estimation of fatigue life of asphalt mixtures
    K. Remya Varma, J. Murali Krishnan & H.U. Bahia

    Pavement performance depends on integration of design and management
    W. Visser & W.R. Hudson

    Pavement performance evaluation and creep properties study on asphalt mixture modified by anti-rutting agent PCF
    P. Zhang, H. Li, N.Y. Yin & D.H. Ma

    Performance evaluation of Preventive Maintenance Treatments for asphalt pavements in Beijing
    C. Wang, S. Zhao, H. Zhang & J. Zhang

    Preliminary assessment of functional life of anti-icing asphalt mixture
    L. Hao, D. Yuming & L. Gen

    Study on fatigue properties of recycled asphalt
    Y. Tan, Y. Fu & Y. Li

    Study on preventive maintenance technology for porous asphalt in China
    B. Xu, M. Li, D. Cao, C. Lu, J. Chen & W. Wang

    Sustainable and long life flexible pavements
    A.F. Nikolaides

    Towards sustainable horizontal asphalt recycling
    J. Qiu, M. Huurman, M. Jacobs, M. Woldekidan & M. Frunt

    Pavement Structures

    Adaptability of pavement structures on expansive soil embankment with differential deformations
    Y. Cheng, X. Huang & C. Li

    Analytical solution and distribution characteristics of mechanical response for elastic half-space body under hyperbolic paraboloid vertical load
    S. Chen, D. Wang, J. Yi & D. Feng

    Design inputs variabilities influence on pavement performance reliability
    Y.H. Dinegdae & B. Birgisson

    Evaluation of permanent deformation of mixtures under intersection vehicle loading
    X. Wang, X. Gu, M. Yang, H. Ma & H. Shen

    Experimental and numerically supported determination of the interlayer bond shear stiffness
    B. Hristov, F. Wellner & G. Canon Falla

    Experimental research on service performance of fiber-reinforced stress absorption interlayer
    H. Liu, Z. Li & L. Yang

    Field investigations of the crack pattern in porous asphalt—Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements in The Netherlands
    D. Ren, L.J.M. Houben, W. Nijssen, R. van der Aa & B. Sluer

    Filler bitumen ratio measurement of asphalt mixture based on histogram matching
    C.F. Wang, A.M. Sha & Z.Y. Sun

    Frost heave of saturated silty clay under thermal-hydro-mechanical loading
    H. Ma, F. Zhang, R. Jing & D. Feng

    Impact of dual gauge railway tracks on traffic load induced Permanent Deformation of low embankments
    A.D. Mwanza, P. Hao, M. Muya & H. Zhang

    Influence of principal stresses distribution on damage of asphalt pavement on semi rigid bases—case study on Ji-Qing highway
    G. Yuan & X. Li

    Influencing factors on bonding layer performance effect between the ultra-thin surface
    N. Zhang, N.-X. Zheng & Z.-H. Cong

    Investigation on base course of cement stabilizing Phosphorous Slag and gravel
    G. Qian, Q. Xiang & J. Bo

    Investigation on fatigue properties of asphalt mixtures with different compaction levels using microstructural analysis
    J. Hu, P. Liu, D. Wang & M. Oeser

    Mechanical deformation behaviour of road base Unbound Granular Materials considering the effect of temperature
    J. Patzak & F. Wellner

    Mechanical properties and durability of Composite Soil Stabilizer Stabilized Gravel Soil compared with Cement Stabilized Macadam
    Y. Zhao, Y. Gao & Y. Zhang

    Numerical analysis of factors affecting the fatigue life of asphalt pavement with semi-rigid base
    T.Y. Zhu, S.Q. Wang & X.M. Huang

    Pull-out tests on bituminous specimens with steel wire mesh reinforcements
    F. Mazzotta, A. Simone, V. Vignali, C. Lantieri, C. Sangiorgi & G. Dondi

    Research on the influence of light truck on pavement Permanent Deformation
    X. Dai, Y. Gao & X. Hu

    Review and study of mechanical vibrations for pavement condition assessment
    C.-H. Ho & A.-M. Davidescu

    Road pavement density evaluation—a case study
    A. Hartikainen, T.K. Pellinen, J. Eskelinen, E. Huuskonen-Snicker & P. Eskelinen

    Statistical analysis of axle load data and pavement damage for a few National Highways in India
    D. Savio, P. Paul & J. Murali Krishnan

    The mechanistic-empirical pavement design: An Egyptian perspective
    A.A. Aguib & S. Khedr

    Thermal effect analysis of steel bridge during Guss Asphalt pavement paving
    Y. Liu, Z.D. Qian, J. Hu & L. Jin

    Thermal regime analysis and protective measure evaluation for wide embankment in permafrost regions of Qinghai-Tibet plateau
    T. Ma, T. Tang, H. Wang, X.M. Huang & S.Q. Wang

    Use of repeated load CBR test to characterize pavement granular materials
    N. Sparsha, R.G. Robinson & J. Murali Krishnan

    Pavements & Environment

    Air temperature based climate zones for flexible pavement designs
    X. Yang, Z. You, J. Hiller & D. Watkins

    Application of TiO2 mixed epoxy resin technology for exhaust gas degradation
    D. Li, Y. Pan & Y. Zhu

    Comparative analysis of force amplified piezoelectric transducer used for asphalt pavement energy harvesting
    H. Zhao, Z. Lin & L. Qin

    Comparing in-lab and on-site measurement of pavement acoustic absorption
    F.G. Praticò & D. Vizzari

    Components changes of bitumen aging and recycling with waste vegetable oils
    Z. Suo, L. Chai, J. Ji, F. Guo & L. Sun

    Effects of sodium acetate on asphalt mixture comparing to chloride-based deicers
    S. Liu, N.X. Zheng & J. Yang

    Evaluation of emulsifier optimization based on early performances of a mixture for cold recycling
    H. Liu, Z. Wang & L.Y. Yang

    Examining the effects of contributory factors on curing of Cold Bitumen Emulsion Mixtures
    A.I. Nassar, N.H. Thom & T. Parry

    Intelligent pavement materials with ecological active dust control technology
    Z. Suo, F. Guo, J. Ji, S.S. Jin & A. Zhang

    Low noise gradation design for micro-surfacing mix based on indoor noise test method
    L.P. Cao, S.Q. Liu, X.S. Hou & R. Zhang

    Phase change heat storage properties of PEG/SiO2 Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials in asphalt
    L.H. He, B.M. Tang, H.Z. Zhu & X. Cao

    Preparation of nano TiO2 dispersed in silica sol and study on NO degradation rate used in cement-based specimens
    X.J. Cao, C. Chen, X.Y. Yang & B.M. Tang

    Quantification and modelling of tyre-pavement interaction noise: Effect of vehicular, pavement, and environmental characteristics
    A. Kamineni & V. Chowdary

    Stiffness and fatigue performance of recycled mixtures with 50% RAP and different types of virgin bitumen
    E. Manthos & A.F. Nikolaides

    Study on the effect of warm mix asphalt mixture performance caused by the dosage of recycled asphalt pavement
    P. Guo, W. Wei, B. Tang & C. Shi

    The materials selection and treatment effect of the filtration layer in porous pavement
    D. Feng, X. Xie, H. Wang, R. Jing & J. Liu

    The preparation, characterization and application of modified nano-TiO2 in automobile exhaust purification
    R. Li, J. Cui, B. Xue, D. Kuang & J. Pei

    Tire-pavement contact modeling and noise prediction with different tire configurations and surface characteristics
    Y.M. Ding & H. Wang

    Treatment effect test on road runoff by different combinations of gravel and activated carbon
    G. Qian, J. Zhu & J. He

    Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) technologies: Benefits and drawbacks—a literature review
    A. Diab, C. Sangiorgi, R. Ghabchi, M. Zaman & A.M. Wahaballa

    Pavements & Innovation

    Analysis and application research on volume parameters of porous asphalt mixture
    Z. Chen, D. Zhang, P. Hao & J. Liang

    Characterization of polymer capsules used for self-healing asphalt pavements
    T. Al-Mansoori, R. Micaelo & A. Garcia

    Comparative study of two different polymer systems for the application in flexible pavements
    M. Jasso, D. Bakos, J. Stastna & L. Zanzotto

    Comparison of fatigue test methods on asphalt mastic
    C. Riccardi, A. Cannone Falchetto & M.P. Wistuba

    Design and challenges of an innovative load-bearing permeable concrete pavement
    Y.-H. Lee, N.N.S. Chou & J.-W. Chen

    Design and performance investigation on dense graded anti-sliding ultra-thin wearing course material
    Y.S. Guan, L. Geng, S.L. Zhang, W. Zhou & G.L. Jin

    Evaluation of chloride induced damage in stone mastic asphalt mixes suitable for induction heating
    P. Apostolidis, X. Liu, A. Scarpas, M.F.C. van de Ven & G. van Bochove

    Evaluation of laboratory performance on half-warm asphalt mixture
    H. Liu, Y. Tong & Y. Dong

    Evaluation of low temperature performance of warm mix asphalt by glass transition temperature
    X. Yu, F. Gu, F.Q. Dong, G.Y. Ding & T.Y. Wang

    Experimental study on damage evolution of asphalt mixture using Digital Image Correlation
    C. Xing, T. Tan, L. Zhang & Y. Tan

    Framework for in situ soil stabilization based on electrokinetic principles
    N.G. Pavlatos & A. Scarpas

    Innovative pavement structures for urban express corridors
    C. Yin, Y. Pan & Z. Zhang

    Mitigation of asphalt pavement temperatures by means of natural air convection
    A. Chiarelli, A. Dawson & A. García

    Mixing and compaction properties of asphalt mixture modified with silane
    S. Büchler, A. Cannone Falchetto & M.P. Wistuba

    Numerical simulation of dynamic responses of basalt fiber reinforced asphalt pavement under moving loads
    P.Q. Wang, F.J. Wang, M.Q. Ke, Z.G. Lu, H.Q. Zhang & Z.Y. Zeng

    On the use of low-cost PVA fiber to develop ECC material for pavement use
    Z.G. Zhang, Q. Zhang, S.Z. Qian & V.C. Li

    Research into the material properties of prefabricated rollable asphalt pavement
    Y.-s. Dong, Y. Hou, D.-w. Cao & Y.-j. Zhang

    Research on application of semi-flexible pavement base on trunk highway
    B.F. Zheng & W. Liu

    Research on ice-melting technology of high elasticity pavement surface
    L. Wang, M. Li, X. Wang & X. Sun

    Research on material and method of microwave ice-melting technology
    M. Li, X. Wang & L. Yuan

    Research on the coarse aggregate configuration of asphalt mixture with skeleton dense structure based on center of mass synthesis
    H. Guo & Y.L. Zhao

    Rutting prediction of nanomaterial modified asphalt concrete using FEM simulation
    L. Gu & L. Sun

    Self-powered sensors for road pavements
    F.G. Praticò, F.G. Della Corte & M. Merenda

    Strain sensing capacity of multifunctional cementitious material
    Z. Ge, W. Hao, X.S. Wu & R. Sun

    The influence of road condition on the shelf-life of tomatoes
    C.J. Pretorius & W.J.vdM. Steyn

    Rigid Pavements

    A fast and durable concrete repair material: High-Early-Strength Engineered Cementitious Composites
    H. Deng & S. Qian

    Analysis of surface texture character of Exposed-Aggregate Concrete Pavement using digital image technology
    X. Cheng, S. Han & X. Wang

    Characteristics of water-cement ratio for grouting cement asphalt emulsion paste with different asphalt-cement ratios based on viscosity study
    J. Ouyang & Y. Tan

    Comparative analysis of short paneled pavement using 3-D Finite Element analysis
    A. Gupta & T. Gandhi

    Expansive reactions in cement concrete pavement structure and the way how to analyse the risk of their occurrence
    J. Stryk, Z. Nevosad, M. Gregerova, A. Frybort & V. Chupik

    Optimum design for sustainable, ‘green’ concrete overlays. Part I: (a) mix-design, (b) controlling flexural failure
    Y. Lin, J.N. Karadelis, A.O. Olubanwo, Y. Xu & P. Phillips

    Optimum design for sustainable, ‘green’ concrete overlays. Part II: Shear failure at cracks and inadequate resistance to reflection cracking
    Y. Xu, J.N. Karadelis, Y. Lin, A.O. Olubanwo & P. Phillips

    Optimum design for sustainable, ‘green’ concrete overlays. Part III: Failure due to interfacial delamination
    A.O. Olubanwo, J.N. Karadelis, Y. Xu, Y. Lin & P. Phillips

    Recommendation on noise control standard for concrete pavements in China
    L. Li, B. Li, Z.W. Zhang & X.L. Yang

    Research of cement concrete pavement using thermal imaging method
    I. Gameliak, V. Vyrozhemskyi, I. Voloshyna & M. Dmitriev

    Static and dynamic response of rigid concrete pavements: Parametric study
    J. Ramaekers, L. Vandewalle & H. Degée


    Effect of compaction on skid resistance of asphalt pavements
    E. Kassem, A. Awed & E. Masad

    Evaluating wet-weather driving safety risks of pavement ruts
    L. Chu & T.F. Fwa

    Optimisation of photoluminescent painting treatments on different surface layers
    F.G. Praticò, S. Noto & A. Moro

    Preparation and evaluation of haze-eliminating coating materials for asphalt pavement
    B. Xue, Y. Wang, L. He, J. Zhang & J. Pei

    Road safety research about influence of crosswind on highway parallel twin-deck bridges using numerical simulation
    Z.W. Yu, M. Xu, F. Chen, X.D. Pan & W.J. Zhu

    Rockfall protection of road infrastructures: Design approach and numerical simulations
    M. Agostinacchio, D. Ciampa & S. Olita

    Study on the decay law of skid resistance of High Friction Surfaces
    Z. Li, L. Dong & P. Hao

    Study on the influence of heavy load on pavement structure and load control
    X. Ma & X. Wang

    Study on working conditions of expressway asphalt pavement by monitoring test road
    Z.J. Xi, J. Chao, H.D. Ding & W. Chao

    Traffic Engineering

    A review of pedestrian safety models for urban areas in Low and Middle Income Countries
    R.A. Kraidi & H. Evdorides

    An investigation for an all-encompassing iRAP road Star Rating index
    A.K. Jameel & H. Evdorides

    Analyzing and modeling of the lane-crossing behavior and traffic conflicts when riders of non-motorized vehicles drive on curb-parking sections
    Y. Ci, Z. Liu, S. Zheng, L. Wu, Z. Bian & X. Li

    Perceived differences in travel speeds and traffic states
    H. Li, H. Tu, H. Liu & H. Shi

    Real-time freeway crash prediction model by using single ultrasonic detector lane-level data
    J.M. You, J.H. Wang & S.E. Fang

    Real-time monitoring of the extended road network by utilising telematics technology
    I. Wessels & W.J.vdM. Steyn

    Recognising risk factors associated with crash frequency on rural four lane highways
    C. Naveen Kumar, M. Parida & S.S. Jain

    Rural two-lane highway crash occurrence formulation and injury-mitigation strategy
    development in China
    Y. Ci, L. Wu, J. Zhao, Z. Liu & G. Zhang

    The consistency of horizontal alignment at tunnel entrance and exit zone
    Z. Yang, H.F. Han, Z.Y. Xiong & D.L. Lei

    The gradation test prediction model of GAC-20 modified asphalt mixture
    Z. Sun, T. Wang, Z. Wu & G. Zhu

    Other Topics

    A fast simulation tool for the undergraduate course of pavement engineering
    X. Chen

    Bearing capacity of bored pile in refreezing metaphase and telophase in permafrost region
    X. Liu, C. Zhou, D. Feng, Y. Cao, P. Cao & R. Jing

    Dynamic evolution trajectory of defects and aggregates and its relation to asphalt mixtures’ cracking propagation behavior
    X. Zhu, L. Li, D. Sun, Y. Yuan & H. Wang

    Reuse of mining waste into innovative alkali-activated-based materials for road pavement applications
    C. Sangiorgi, C. Lantieri, P. Tataranni, J. Castro-Gomes & M. Gabriel

    Safety and reliability of a road: A prototypical study based on the directive 2008/96/EC
    F.G. Praticò, D. Catalfamo & C. Lanciano

    Sound barriers landscape design: Dynamic aesthetics factors and visually compensation method
    X. Qin, Q. Tan & H. Han

    Strength size effect on small asphalt mixture specimens at low temperature
    A. Cannone Falchetto, K.H. Moon & M.P. Wistuba

    The effect assessment for urban flooding under different curb inlets with the 2D hydrodynamic model
    Y. Geng, X. Chen & Z. Wang


    Prof. Sandra Erkens is the prinicipal specialist in pavement materials and structures at Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Highway Agency. Besides this position, she is a full professor, holding the Chair of Pavement Engineering Practice, at Delft University of Technology. She is an internationally acknowledged expert in pavement materials and structures in general and asphalt concrete in particular. She has coordinated the cooperation of research organizations, among others as a member of the FEHRL (Forum for European Highway Research Laboratories) executive committee and as Program Team member for InfraQuest, the cooperation between Rijkswaterstaat, TU Delft and TNO building in the Netherlands. Sandra is a member of national and international (such as CEN/NEN) committees involved in developing technical requirements for pavement materials and in several (inter)national organizations for the dissemination of research. These include the ISAP technical committee on Constitutive Modelling of Asphalt Concrete, the organization committee of the two yearly Dutch conference on Infrastructure (CROW-infradagen) and the organizing committee of the 4th International Chinese European Worskshop on Functional Pavement Design. She has been involved in road engineering research since 1997, has published over a hundred papers on her work and is a regular reviewer for conferences and journals on the topic.

    Dr. Xueyan Liu is currently an assistant professor in the section of Pavement Engineering of the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences of TU Delft. He works in the areas of constitutive modelling, numerical modelling and material experimental characterization. Within the research program of the Section Pavement Engineering, his research topics mostly relate to the development and implementation of constitutive models for the simulation of the static and dynamic response of various pavement engineering materials like soils, asphalt concrete, liner and reinforcing systems etc. Xueyan has published more than 100 technical and journal papers on the mechanics and the finite element modelling of granular, concrete and asphaltic materials. Dr. Liu is a member of RILEM Technical Committee of Cracking in Asphalt Pavements WG3 and a member of Delft Centre for Materials (DCMat). He is also a member of ISAP, AAPT and IACMAG.