1st Edition

Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education

Edited By Sue Johnston-Wilder, John Mason Copyright 2004

    Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education is a unique sourcebook crafted from classic texts, research papers and books in mathematics education. Linked together by the editors' narrative, the book provides a fascinating examination of, and insight into, key constructs in mathematics education and how they link together. The choice of constructs is based on (some of) the many constructs which have proved fruitful in research and which have informed choices made by teachers.

    The book is divided into two parts: learning and teaching. The first part includes views about how people learn - from Plato to Dewey, as well as constructivism, activity theory and French didactiques. The second part includes extracts concerned with initiating, sustaining and bringing to a conclusion learners' work on mathematical tasks.

    Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education provides access to a wide range of constructs in mathematics education and orients the reader towards important original sources.

    Introduction Section 1: Activating and analysing learning 1. Probing Thinking 2. Conditions for Learning 3. Analysis of Learning for Informal Teaching 4. Affect in Learning Mathematics 5. Learners' Powers 6. Learning as Action 7. Learning What? Section 2: Guiding and directing learning 8. Teachers' Roles 9. Initiating Mathematical Activity 10. Sustaining Mathematical Activity 11. Concluding Mathematical Activity 12. Having Learned ?


    John Mason is Professor of Mathematics Education at The Open University, where he was also Director of the Centre for Mathematics Education for 15 years.
    Sue Johnston-Wilder is a Senior Lecturer at The Open University. She has worked with teachers and student teachers for many years developing materials to promote interest in mathematics teaching and learning.