1st Edition

Fundamentals for the Aspiring Musician A Preparatory Course for Music Theory

By Robert J. Frank, Kenneth Metz Copyright 2011
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Fundamentals for the Aspiring Musician is a completely integrated textbook written for students who wish to study music professionally. It uses technology to its fullest to aid students in preparation for the study of music theory by laying a thorough and solid foundation of basic music fundamentals.

    Rather than using separate textbooks, recording sets, or software programs, this textbook integrates a hard copy text with a parallel, interactive, multimedia version of the textbook, which allows students to hear the examples as they see them, hear and practice exercises to master basic skills, and easily review and reinforce terms or delve deeper into a topic with a single click of the mouse. The hard copy text has an identical layout as the multimedia version for easy reference away from the computer.


    Preface 1. Introduction and Basics 2. Rhythm and Tempo 3. Proportional Value, Meter, and Grouping 4. Aural Application: Rhythmic Reading and Metric Transcription 5. Pitch and the Musical Keyboard 6. Chromatic, Modal, and Major Scales 7. Tendency Tones and Minor Scales 8. Key Signatures 9. Aural Application: Sight Singing 10. Intervals 11. Triads and Seventh Chords 12. Inversion of Chords and Figured Bass 13. Application to Analysis: Chords and Melody in Musical Practice Appendices and Exercises


    Robert J. Frank, Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Southern Methodist University, has been programming computers since 1976 and has frequently lectured on the topic of integrating technology into the teaching and making of music nationally and internationally.

    Ken Metz teaches Music Theory at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. An award winning composer, his music has been performed across the United States. His affiliations include the College Music Society, Society of Composers Inc., ASCAP, NACUSA, and CASA (Composer’s Alliance of San Antonio).

    "Clearly written and well-organized, Fundamentals for the Aspiring Musician is the best interactive text I have yet encountered. From the ease of loading the product to the clear suggestions for use, the authors have obviously taken great care to design a product that is pedagogically excellent and technologically efficient. With audio files accessible at the click of the mouse, students make instant visual and aural connections. The web site (also available via links embedded in the Etext) provides a wealth of additional materials ranging from electronic flashcards to interactive drills. I've used interactive theory products in the past and have been dismayed by the amount of time spent battling the technology. This product works extremely well and provides the instant response today's students expect when they work with electronic products."
    --Julie Dunbar, Professor of Music, Edgewood College