1st Edition

Fundamentals of DSL Technology

Edited By Philip Golden, Hervé Dedieu, Krista S. Jacobsen Copyright 2006
    472 Pages 249 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    The DSL arena is expanding rapidly, making it highly unlikely that any single author can adequately address the breadth and depth of the subject. Responding to the demand of designers worldwide, Fundamentals of DSL Technology combines the strengths of the field's most renowned DSL experts, providing a foundation of all aspects of DSL system design.

    The volume begins with an introductory three-chapter examination of DSL copper transmission channels, reviewing the basic telephone environment, the physical-layer twisted pair, and the noise environment in the twisted pair channel. The book then explores line codes - laying the foundation for later chapters about other aspects of DSL design - and discusses the basic objectives of DSL service, comparing DSL to other broadband delivery methods.

    The book concludes with a description of other basic aspects of DSL transmission, covering topics such as trellis codes, Reed-Solomon codes and interleaving, turbo and LDPC codes, basic equalization theory, synchronization, and more.

    Overview of the POTS Environment-Signals and Circuits
    Philip Golden and John Cook

    The Copper Channel-Loop Characteristics and Models
    Hervé Dedieu

    Noise and Noise Modelling on the Twisted Pair Channel
    Rob H. Kirkby

    The Twisted Pair Channel-Models and Channel Capacity
    Ragnar Hlynur Jonsson

    Introduction to DSL
    Edward Jones

    Fundamentals of Single-Carrier Modulation
    Vladimir Oksman

    Fundamentals of Multi-Carrier Modulation
    Krista S. Jacobsen

    Trellis-Coded Modulation in DSL Systems
    Gottfried Ungerboeck

    Error Control Coding in DSL Systems
    Cory S. Modlin

    Advanced Coding Techniques for Digital Subscriber Lines
    Evangelos Eleftheriou and Sedat Ölçer

    DSL Channel Equalization
    Ragnar Hlynur Jonsson

    Synchronization of DSL Modems
    Sverrir Olafsson

    Radio-Frequency Interference Suppression in DSL
    Rickard Nilsson, Thomas Magesacher, Steffen Trautmann,
    and Tomas Nordström


    Philip Golden, Hervé Dedieu, Krista S. Jacobsen