"Provides the first comprehensive treatment of theoretical, algorithmic, and application aspects of domination in graphs-discussing fundamental results and major research accomplishments in an easy-to-understand style. Includes chapters on domination algorithms and NP-completeness as well as frameworks for domination."

    Bounds on the domination number; domination, independence and irredundance; efficiency, redundancy and the duals; changing and unchanging domination; conditions on the dominating set; varieties of domination; multiproperty and multiset parameters; sums and products of parameters; dominating functions; frameworks for domination; domination complexity and algorithms.


    Teresa W. Haynes, Stephen Hedetniemi, Peter Slater

    "The book is very clearly written and the organization is outstanding. . ..Any reader will be able to quickly identify the methods used in the field and to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the subject. One major achievement of the book is unification of the terminology used in domination. "
    ---Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications
    "This long-awaited book provides the first comprehensive treatment of domination in graphs. It is an essential work in which a vast amount of recent work on domination has been extracted from the literature and re-organized into one comprehensive volume.... ...as a first book on domination it certainly fills a long-existing void very successfully, and it is hard to imagine now how researchers in domination theory every coped without it. "
    ---Mathematical Reviews, 2001