1st Edition

Fundamentals of Group Process Observation

    208 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    208 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This edited collection covers the role of the process observer – a position that enhances the effectiveness of group functioning by observing the process, summarizing the behavior of the group so that the group can learn and, if needed, improve its functioning.

    There is little guidance on best practices for this role, and in most settings, process observers are forced to rely on whatever previous training they have received in group work to fulfil their role. The first of its kind, this book offers a wealth of resources for the role of group process observer organized in a systematic way. Each contributor focuses on a specific aspect of group process observation, identifying what is currently known on the topic, suggesting best practices, and providing the reader with tools, structures, and guidelines for effective process observation.

    Students and educators of group-work courses will find this book integral as it covers the existing gap in literature on group-process observation.

    Part 1 Essentials of Process Observation

    1. Introduction to Process Observation in Groups 

    Devika Dibya Choudhuri, Christopher J. McCarthy and Jane E. Okech

    2. Effective Observation: Skills of Process Observation

    Jane E. Okech

    3. Ethical and Professional Issues In Process Observation

    Devika Dibya Choudhuri and Christopher J. McCarthy

    4. Selecting and Using the Process Observer

    Christopher J. McCarthy and Devika Dibya Choudhuri

    Part II: Effective Process Observation

    5. Processing the Process: Giving Feedback and Facilitating Process Development

    Rachel Vannatta

    6. Group Focal Conflict Theory: A Model for Guiding Process Observation in Group Work

    Katy Schroeder

    7. Process Observation for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Devika Dibya Choudhuri and Christopher J. McCarthy

    Part III: Settings for Process Observation

    8. Utilizing Process Observation in Group Counseling and Group Psychotherapy

    Maria T. Riva

    9. Process Observation in Psychoeducation Groups

    Theresa A. Coogan, Chris Godwin, and Sam Steen

    10. Process Observation in Task Groups

    Theresa A. Coogan, Chris Godwin, and Sam Steen

    11. Process Observation in Non-Therapeutic Settings

    Christine S. Bhat

    12. Process Observation in Education and Clinical Training

    Lorraine J. Guth, Marty Jencius, and A. Michael Hutchins

    Part IV: Past, Present, and Future of Process Observation

    13. Foundational History of Process Observation in Groups

    Madison Blaydes and Keshav R. Goud

    14. Research on Group Process Observation

    Shing Yee Bay, Yiying Xiong, and Kristopher M. Goodrich 

    15. Technology and Process Observation

    Sam Steen and Priscilla Rose Prasath

    16. Conclusion

    Christopher J. McCarthy and Devika Dibya Choudhuri


    Devika Dibya Choudhuri has served as President of the Association for Specialists in Group Work and as a process observer. Her research interests include group work for diversity, equity, and inclusion, trauma-informed counselor pedagogy, ethics and supervision.

    Christopher J. McCarthy is a past editor of the Journal for Specialists in Group Work and a past president of the Association for Specialists in Group Work, as well as an ASGW Fellow. His research interests include group interventions stress and coping in educational contexts, and career development.

    "Choudhuri and McCarthy’s book should be on every group worker’s shelf. The Fundamentals of Group Process Observation fills a large gap in the literature related to the widely used but under addressed role of process observation in group work. The highly accessible chapters are written by renowned group work experts who effectively bridge the research and practice literatures with illustrative case examples. I look forward to synthesizing the book into both my content and clinical courses across my work with master’s and doctoral students, as well as within my group work in professional development and servant leadership."

    Melissa Luke, PhD, LMHC, NCC, ACS, Dean’s Professor, Department of Counseling & Human Services, Syracuse University

    "Scholars, educators, students, and group workers will finally have a resource that explores the use of process observations in a variety of group settings and structures. Process observations are invaluable tools for understanding how the process of interactions impacts the functioning of a group. However, before this book, there was no resource that covered all aspects of process observations, from skills needed to ethical concerns. This book belongs on the shelf of group workers in all fields and will be of particular value to group facilitators using process observers as well as practitioners who do or aspire to include process observation as part of their professional repertoire."

    Sheri Bauman, PhD, Professor Emerita, College of Education, University of Arizona

    "Wow! If you are looking to learn about process observation in groups, this is the book! The editors and authors cover the entire subject of process observation. You will be thrilled if you are wanting to learn what process observation is; how it is done; when it is done, and the different kinds of process observation. A much needed book for the field of group counseling."

    Ed Jacobs, West Virgina University