2nd Edition

Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy

By Benjamyn I. Scott, Andrea Trimarchi Copyright 2025
    452 Pages 19 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    452 Pages 19 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy offers students a systematic, tailored and dynamic approach to understanding the legal scenario concerning international civil aviation. The book covers the major areas of international aviation law and provides an introduction to the multifaceted international regulation of aviation activities in the sphere of public and private law. The book is designed to provide the reader with the fundamental notions concerning international aviation law. It adopts an interactive approach, which aims at engaging the reader by way of using learning tools. The main areas of public and private aviation law are dealt with from a regulatory and practical perspective, and include detailed analyses of existing and applicable legislations, as well as landmark court cases and decisions.

    Each chapter is tailored to confer to readers a thorough knowledge of the applicable international and, if any, the European legislation. Delivery of these aims is attained through a clear and balanced use of didactic instruments and immediate information. New chapters cover aircraft financing and advanced air mobility, giving this second edition of Fundamentals of International Aviation Law and Policy even greater coverage and depth.

    The book is intended for a varied audience of students and professionals involved in the aviation world, without requiring the possession of specific legal knowledge or background. It also constitutes a useful reference material for those who are familiar with legal terminology and aviation specifics.

    1 Foundations of Aviation Law and Policy; 2 Early Developments; 3 Convention on International Civil Aviation; 4 International Civil Aviation Organization; 5 International Air Transport; 6 Criminal Law; 7 Contractual Liability; 8 Third-Party Liability and Damage on the Surface; 9 Insurance; 10 Competition Law; 11 Environmental Protection; 12 Aircraft Financing; 13 Unmanned Aircraft System; 14 Suborbital Transportation and Space Law; Annex I – List of Main International Aviation Law Treaties


    Benjamyn I. Scott has an LLB (Hons) from the University of Kent, an LLM in International Commercial Law from the University of Kent, an LLM (Adv.) in Air and Space Law from Leiden University, and a PhD in aviation cybersecurity from the University of Cologne. Benjamyn has a strong background in developing aviation technologies, having worked for several years in this area, and having written numerous journal articles and book chapters in this discipline.

    Andrea Trimarchi graduated in law LLM from the University of Roma Tre. He further obtained in 2016 an LLM (Adv.) in Air and Space Law from the International Institute for Air and Space Law at Leiden University. Andrea has a strong background in competition and private international law, having several years of experience in airlines and private aviation law firms.