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Fundamentals of Reaction Flowmeters

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July 29, 2021 Forthcoming by CRC Press
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Book Description

This book is the first one presenting both the new elaborated method of the flow measurement , named by the author" the reaction force method of flow measurement", including its specific "reaction measurement system" which ensures its practical implementation, and the new basic types of flowmeters, configured according to it, named accordingly "reaction flowmeters". These achievements were the results of the first implementation, in last two years, of Method of Unitary Synthesis and Design of Flowmeters (European Patent EP the 18020055.2, granted on 2020).

Due to its universality and flexibility, "The reaction force method of flow measurement" keeps the same configuration of "the reaction measurement system" for the design of any new basic types of reaction flowmeters.

The book presents the reaction flowmeters by following the logical sequence of their structural (implicitly functioning) evolution, that rendered the logical systematic way followed for their configuration. There are detailed successively (main analytical, constructive and functional features) the individual (single) reaction flow meters, configured both without and with moving parts, respectively the specific connections of two reaction flowmeters , named "extended reaction flowmeters", and the bypass type reaction flowmeters. All of these flowmeters can be used for both liquids and gases.

The book is addressed to all specialists in the field of flow measurement and instrumentation, and especially to flowmeters manufacturers and R&D specialists, in addition to the teaching staff and students at such specialized, technical, and high- level universities.

Table of Contents

Part I. Reaction Force Method of Flow Measurement. Reaction Flowmeters Classification

1. Unitary Synthesis of Flowmeters and their Unitary Design Method, the Elaboration Bases of “The Reaction Force Method Of Flow Measurement“ and “The Reaction Flowmeters”

2. Principle of The New Flow Measurement Method

3. Specific Reaction Measurement System of All Reaction Flowmeters
3.1 Basic configuration of the specific reaction measurement system
3.2 Equation of the reaction force generated by "the reaction measurement system”

4. Classification of the Reaction Flowmeters

Part II. Reaction flowmeters

5. Reaction flowmeters without moving parts and nonlinear dependence “flow rate – measured characteristic parameter”
5.1 Preliminary
5.2 Functional equations
5.3 Reaction flowmeters with the reaction moment measurement
5.4 Reaction flowmeters with the differential measurement of pushing force
5.5 Reaction flow meters with direct measurement of the pushing force

6. Reaction flowmeters without moving parts and linear dependence “flow rate – measured characteristic parameter”
6.1 Configuration and operation
6.2 Functional equation
6.3 Main features

7. Reaction Flowmeters with Moving Parts
7.1 Basic reaction measurement system adapted to reaction flowmeters with moving parts
7.2 Functional equations
7.3 Configuration and operation
7.4 Experimental results. Analysis

8. Bypass Type Reaction Flowmeters
8.1 Configuration and operation
8.2 Functional equation

PART III. Extended reaction flowmeters

9. Extended Reaction Flowmeters
9.1 Target of elaboration “the extended reaction force method of flow measurement”
9.2 Principle of ‘the extended flow measurement method “
9.3 General characterization of the extended reaction flowmeters (ERF)
9.4 ERF with pushing force measurement
9.5 Comparative analysis between ERF and its component reaction flowmeters, regarding the binomial dependence (turndown-accuracy)

PART IV. Conclusions

10. Short Overview on The Reaction Flowmeters Features
10.1 Comparative presentation of the analytical turndown expressions
10.2 Comparative evaluation of the values of the binomial (turndown – measurement accuracy)
10.3 Other main features
10.4 Conclusions

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Horia Mihai Moțit is the founding President of the Romanian Technical Standardization Committee for Flow Measurement (1990 - 2006); the founding President of A.A.I.R. -Control and Instrumentation Association of Romania (1990 - present). He received the distinguinshed awards for creativity: the National Prize for Patented Inventions (2nd place) in 1985, the National Prize for Patented Inventions (1st place) in 1987. He has achieved a significant number of patented inventions in the field of new types of industrial flowmeters (then produced in a large number), including the world premiere of the "method for the determination of convertion curves of flow scales of gas variable area flowmeters, by using only water".