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    Fundamentals of Soil provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to soils and the workings of soil systems. This text is the only one of its kind to provide an attractive, lively and accessible introduction to this topic. Featuring learning tools within each chapter, such as summaries, essay questions and guides for further reading, the text is also highly illustrated with useful tables, boxes and figures. Covering all key areas of study at an introductory level, subjects covered include:
    · Soil properties
    · Soil processes
    · Controls on soil formation
    · Soil classification
    · World soils
    · Soil patterns
    · Soil degradation.

    1. The Nature of Soil  2. Soil Properties  3. Soil Processes  4. Controls on Soil Formation  5. Horizons and Soil Classification  6. Main World Soils  7. Soil Patterns  8. Soil Degradation


    Gerrard, John

    'An extremely well-written introductory text that guides the reader through the nature and properties of soils, their classification and distribution.' - Geography

    'A good introduction to the basics of soils' - Area 34:3