1st Edition

Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics, Dynamics, and Stability

By A.I. Rusakov Copyright 2021
    468 Pages 250 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    468 Pages 250 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book will examine structural mechanics from a fundamental point of view, and allow students to use logical inference and creative reasoning to solve problems versus rote memorization, which is what most textbooks in the field currently offer. It will present theory and also emphasize the relevant mathematical concepts as related to structural mechanics in each chapter. It will include problems, examples, and case studies throughout, and present simulation technique employed in structural engineering software. It will explain the Finite Element Method for elastic bodies, trusses, frames, and more, and present other modern methods of structural analysis.


    • Presents the material from the general (theory and fundamentals) to the particular (specific applications).
    • Emphasizes the relevant mathematical concepts as related to structural mechanics in each chapter.
    • Presents analysis of ductile structures and modern methods in analysis of stability and dynamics.
    • Explains the Finite Element Method for elastic bodies, trusses, frames, and more.
    • Includes numerous worked examples and case studies throughout.


    Kinematic Analysis Basics in Structural Mechanics. Movable Loads on a Beam. Theoretical Basics of Calculations via Influence Lines. Arches: General Info and Diagrams of Stresses. Three-Hinged Arches under Live Static Load. Hinged Beams. Preliminaries for Trusses. Internal Forces in Statically Determinate Trusses. Influence Lines for Stresses in Trusses. Space Statically Determinate Trusses. Energy Approach Foundations of Displacement Analysis for Elastic Systems. Constraint Reactions in Elastic Systems. Theoretical Basics of Force Method. Simplification Ways of Statically Indeterminate System Analysis. Force Method in Case of Temperature Exertion and Displacements of Supports. Force Method for Construction of Influence Lines and Space System Analysis. General Info about Displacement Method. Displacement Method in Applications. Basic Concepts and Plastic Analysis of Beams. Plastic Analysis of Trusses and Frames. Finite Element Method Exemplified in Elastic Plane Body. FEM in Bar System Analysis. FEM in the Case of Material Nonlinearity. Theoretical Basics of Structural Stability Investigations. Methods of Structural Stability Analysis. Investigation of Frame Buckling Using Displacement Method. Free Vibrations of Systems with One Degree of Freedom. Dynamic Factor and Problem of Deducing the Eigen Frequencies. Forced Vibrations of Systems with Finite Number of DOFs. Problems and Design Tasks. Laboratory-Based Works. Bibliography. Index.


    Alexander Ivanovich Rusakov was more than 35 years engaged in scientific and teaching work in academic and design institutions; continues scientific research in construction design and publishes scientific papers and textbooks. A. Rusakov was born in 1955 in the city of Rostov-on-Don (RF); graduated Rostov State University with a degree in physics. In the period of 1984 to 2001 he has been teaching at Rostov Military Institute of Rocket Forces, where he defended his candidate thesis in 1988 and then doctoral thesis in 1999. From 2001 to 2006 he held the chair in structural mechanics at Rostov State University of Transport Communication. From 2006 to 2013 Dr. Rusakov works in design organizations of Rostov-on-Don holding engineering positions, where he continues scientific investigation in construction design and educational activity with engineering personnel. His latest position is the chief designer at South Regional Scientific Research and Design Institute of City Planning (Rostov-on-Don). Professor Rusakov was the top lecturer on a number of mathematical and technical courses as well as courses in mechanics, including mechanics of materials, structural mechanics, and theory of elasticity. He is the sole author of two books, Strength of Materials and Structural Mechanics. Some studies and research results by Dr. Rusakov are presented at the site http://www.rusakov.donpac.ru/index1.htm.