1st Edition

Fungi from Different Environments

Edited By J K Misra, S.K. Deshmukh Copyright 2009

    Mycologists now look at the genes of fungi to decipher many features that they have been studying in the past beyond just looking at the morphology and other such traits of these organisms. Fungi are also attracting the attention of scientists in various other disciplines. These include the search for useful fungi in various extreme environments that may be useful in other ways such as for their therapeutic value. Fungi are known to produce low molecular weight compounds and several cholesterol-lowering ones like the statins. Compounds such as the cytochalasins, peptaibols, grisan and scirpene derivatives are found only in fungi. Nanotechnology has opened many new areas of research including the use of microorganisms in the biosynthesis of nano-materials, including fungi. This volume aims to bring together what we know about the fungi from different environments. It comprises of 14 chapters written by experts in their chosen area of specialization and covers fungi from various environments such as air, water (freshwater and marine), palaeo-environment, and their influence on the environment and their management.

    Fungi from Palaeoenvironments: Their Role in Environmental Interpretations S.K.M. Tripathi
    Fungi in the Air—Aeromycology: An Overview S.T. Tilak
    Fungi in Saline Water Bodies with Special Attention to the Hypersaline Dead Sea Mycobiota A.S. Buchalo, S.P. Wasser and E. Nevo
    Filamentous Fungi in the Marine Environment:Chemical Ecology M. Namikoshi and Jin-Zhong Xu
    The Genus Achlya from Alkaline and Sewage Polluted Aquatic Environment J.K. Misra and Anshul Pant
    Keratinolytic and Keratinophilic Fungi in Sewage Sludge:Factors Influencing their Occurrence K. Ulfig
    Fungi in Snow Environments: Psychrophilic Molds—A Group of Pathogens Affecting Plants under Snow N. Matsumoto and T. Hoshino
    Fungi from High Nitrogen Environments—Ammonia Fungi: Eco-Physiological Aspects A. Suzuki
    Prospecting for Novel Enzyme Activities and Their Genes in Filamentous Fungi from Extreme Environments H. Nevalainen, J. Te’o and R. Bradner
    The Cuckoo Fungus ‘Termite ball’ Mimicking Termite Eggs: A Novel Insect-fungal Association K. Matsuura and T. Yashiro
    The Hallucinogenic Mushrooms: Diversity, Traditions,Use and Abuse with Special Reference to the
    Psilocybe G. Guzmán
    Environmental Impacts on Fatty Acid Composition of Fungal Membranes C. Gostincar, M. Turk and N. Gunde-Cimerman
    Microsporum canis
    —A Pathogen of Cats and Its Control Through Environmental Management: A Review R. Papini
    Thermophilic Molds in Environmental Management B. Singh and T. Satyanarayana
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    J. K. Misra, S. K. Deshmukh