1st Edition

Future Communication Technology and Engineering Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Communication Technology and Engineering (FCTE 2014), Shenzhen, China, 16-17 November 2014

Edited By Kennis Chan Copyright 2015

    Future Communication Technology and Engineering is a collection of papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Future Communication Technology and Engineering (Shenzhen, China 16-17 November 2014). Covering a wide range of topics (communication systems, automation and control engineering, electrical engineering), the book includes the state-of-art in research on communication technology, and will be of interest to academics and professionals in the above mentioned fields.

    Organizing Committee

    Communication systems and network technologies

    Key techniques and implementations of low-cost Radio Frequency (RF) communication
    K.J. Hou & F.Y. Hou

    A link evaluator: A channel quality estimator for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications
    M. Buzzanca, M. Malgeri & G. Schembra

    A study of the possibility of superluminal communications
    Z.H. Zhang, H.A. Zhang & Z.Y. Zhong

    Transmission performance optimization of multi-wavelength repeaterless undersea optical fibre cable
    J.T. Yu,W.Y. Liu, X. Li & H.Y. He

    The research of a joint channel coding based on LDPC and physical layer network coding
    X.M. Lu, F. Yang, J.L.Wang, L. Su & B. Pan

    Hardware network protocol stack design for FPGA-based FBG data transmission
    Q.Wang, Z.Q. Xu, Q. Liu, Q.J. Huang & Z.Y. Li

    The development of multihomed node model interworking with WLAN andWiMAX networks
    Y.Wang, F. Ling & Y.M. Cheng

    Research and implementation of MSC in TD-LTE system
    F.S. Bai & R.M. Zhang

    The design and realization of a handheld terminal for industrial control purposes, based on RFID and embedded Linux
    T. Zhang, Y.H. Xu & Z.Q. Ye

    A novel algorithm of multi-target localization in sensor networks
    Y.H. Zhang, B.N. Pei, X.Y. Zhang & N.N. Cao

    A novel differential position code spread spectrum system with high data transmission capability
    B.M. Li, L.L. Guo, J.Wang, S.H. Qi & Z.G. Sun

    Network coding video transmission research and a design based on USRP
    X.M. Lu, Y.J. Zhang, C.F. Li, H.D. Zhang & J. Yang

    The complex network Fokker-Plank equation
    B.H. Guo, S.Y. Zhou,W.J. Yan & S.L.Wu

    Comparative study of online tools in preparation for future teachers for use in cooperative learning methods
    V. Manena, M. Manenová, K. Myška & K. Rybenská

    An optimal search model for wireless sensor networks
    T. Lu & Z.B. Cai

    A forwarding scheme of a publish/subscribe system based on OpenFlow
    T.Y. Chen &Y. Zhang

    An adaptive virtual machine management system for cloud computing
    B. Li & Y.L. Shang

    A comparison of free and open source technologies suitable for future authoring tools in education
    V. Manena, R. Špilka & K. Rybenská

    Key technology research into the resource access framework of the Internet of Things (IoT)
    C. Li & C.C. Liu

    A cucumber leaf disease classification system based on an embedded system
    Y.W. Tian & X. Chen

    A study of the humanistic education of Chinese college teaching from the aspect of computer science and technology
    S.Z. Liu

    Cryptanalysis and improvement of a directed digital signature scheme using a non-interactive public-key distribution system
    J.R. Sun, S.C. Lin & M.S. Hwang

    Cryptanalysis and improvement of the Li-Liu-Wu user authentication scheme
    T.H. Feng, M.S. Hwang & W.Y. Chao

    Evaluation of publish/subscribe-based routing over Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
    S.J.Wang & Y. Zhang

    An adaptive web-based learning system based on ontology
    Q.L. Diao & F.H. Qiu

    Solving of an erythrometry problem using a specialized Hough transform
    A.S. Potapov, O.V. Shcherbakov & I.N. Zhdanov

    Fast reconstruction of Go board grids using the modified Hough transform
    A.S. Potapov, O.V. Shcherbakov & I.N. Zhdanov

    Strategies and modeling of rumors defense and privacy protection on complex networks
    Z.L. Sun, M.M. Tang & X.C. Fu

    Container multimodal transport system model study based on the RFID technology
    C.H. Pan & H.M. Fan

    Design of an OAM radio beam generator using microstrip patch array
    F.C. Mao, J.J. Yang, M. Huang, S. Yan & Y. Feng

    Research and design of a forest management mobile service cloud platform for the natural forest protection project
    F. Li, Y. Ma, X. Zhang, X.W. Yu, P.F. Feng & M.B. Zhang

    Design of miniaturized microstrip antenna using metamaterials
    Y. Zhang, X.C. Ma, S. Yan, J.J. Yang & M. Huang

    A ZigBee wireless network factory monitoring system design
    W.K. Huang, F.J.Wu, Z. Xiao & H.B.Wu

    A VaR (Value-at-Risk) model based on GARCH approach and EVT
    J. Yang & S.Z. Zhang

    Laser signal attenuation due to sand and dust particle scattering
    Y.G.Wang, H.Q.Wang & M.H. Cao

    Research on the innovation and development of electronic commerce based on centralized procurement
    L.Z. Zhang

    The simulation of cluster bombs’ damage efficiency and analysis of damage factor
    S. Liu, X.J. Zhao, F. Zhao, X.Wei & W.F. Li

    The virtual display of a modern printing press
    X.H.Wang, L.K. Luo, Y.S. Qi & Z.Y. Sun

    Language model for assessing author similarity
    J.Y. Chen, Z.C.Wang & J.L.Wang

    Emergency simulation for a drill system of a roller coaster in a virtual environment
    X.Y. He, H.W. He & Z.Y. Hu

    Temperature state and residual deformations in a welding conditions study
    A.B. Ivanchenko, L.V. Belyaev, A.V. Zhdanov & V.V. Morozov

    Electrical engineering and information technologies

    Analysis and design of a micro-capacitor array detection circuit
    W.D. Ge, D.Z. Xu & H.J. He

    Applied research on memristor’s nonlinear characteristics in circuits
    X.L. Cao,W. Cui & X.C. Ren

    A conformance testing device for an IEC 61850 configuration file based on an NI CRIO platform
    J. Jiang, H.Q. Gou, Z.H. Liu, D. Liu, J. Bu & X.X. Ji

    A sustainable monitoring pulse wave ring detector
    Y. Li, L. Yang, C.L. Lv, X.X. Zhao & L.X. Meng

    An angle of arrival estimation using the projection method
    S.Wu, D. Kerr, H. Lu, N.Wilkins, Z. Aliyazicioglu & H.K. Hwang

    Assessing and evaluating Arabic morphological analyzers and generators
    T. Elghazaly & A.M. Maabid

    A comparative analysis of free and open source tools for electronic evaluations in sociology
    M. Joukl & L. Hosák

    An experimental study on using electronic forms for evaluation in sociology
    M. Joukl, L. Kudová & L. Hosák

    The design and application of a high power factor voltage regulator in polysilicon production
    L.P. Gao, J.Wang, T. Li & S.G. Yin

    A study of the performance of an amplify-and-forward relay system with an interference at the relay and at the destination
    M.R. He

    An implementation of robustness testing for a TTCN-3 test system
    S.M. Liu, X.M. Liu, X.F. Shao &Y.P. Liu

    The design and implementation of a hierarchical agriculture information resource management system
    M.M. Ju, H.H. Zhang, C.Y. Zhai, P.P. Xin & C. Gao

    Geoscience and environmental engineering

    The ozone depletion theory of global warming

    Ore-controlling factors of the bauxite deposits in eastern part of Guizhou province
    Y. Kong

    Re-Os geochronology of Panjia polymetallic deposit, Zhejiang province, China
    B.J. Jia, Z.G. Chen, J.F. Qian, C. Jin, L.Y. Zhou & X.Y. Zhu

    Rock fracture closing moderated by pressure solution
    B. Mahmoudzadeh, L. Liu, L. Moreno & I. Neretnieks

    Formation of drainage waters in tailing dumps of Khrustal’noe deposit in Kavalerovsky District, and their effect on the hydrosphere (the Russian Far East)
    V.P. Zvereva, A.M. Kostina & A.D. Pyatakov

    The research on the influencing factors of carbon emission based on geographic detector model
    R.N.Wu, J.Q. Zhang, M.X. Huang & Y.H. Bao

    Impact assessment of the processes occurring in tailing dumps of a Krasnorechenskaya

    concentrating mill on the hydrosphere of Dalnegorsky District, according to modelling evidence
    V.P. Zvereva, A.M. Kostina & A.I. Lysenko

    Space monitoring of the earth and Haar wavelet transform
    M.L. Kazaryan, M.A. Schahramanian & A. Richter

    Environmental problems of coal mining in the Southern Far East of Russia and soil remediation on mining dumps
    L.T. Krupskaya, L.P. Gul, V.P. Zvereva & M.S. Onishchenko

    Nonylphenol, benzophenones and benzotriazoles in different environmental matrices and foods
    A. Careghini, A. Mastorgio, S. Saponaro & E. Sezenna

    Lombardy region (Italy) priorities list of contaminated sites: A new relative risk assessment procedure
    A. Careghini, A. Mastorgio, S. Saponaro, E. Sezenna, M. Bellotti, S. Anelli & A. Trozzi

    Research on an evaluation approach of environmental flow for rivers
    J.J. Tu, X.S. Ai, Z.Y. Gao & J. Zhu

    Productivity of a five-spot mixed well pattern in a dual porosity reservoir
    J.J. Li, H.Q. Jiang, Y.X.Wang & H.X. Liu

    Removal of volatile organic compounds from water using a novel adsorbent
    P. Zhang, A. Smith, R. Ding & T.J. Bandosz

    Bioecology of Hyla japonica (Gunther, 1859) in Priamurye, Russia
    V.T. Tagirova

    Prediction of organ donation after irreversible brain damage
    L. Torres, H. Vicente, P. Novais, A. Abelha & J. Neves

    Interactivity for facilitating and promoting traditional handicraft design
    D. Shi

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