1st Edition

Future Information Engineering and Manufacturing Science Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Information Engineering and Manufacturing Science (FIEMS 2014), June 26-27, 2014, Beijing, China

Edited By Dawei Zheng Copyright 2015

    The 2014 International Conference on Future Information Engineering and Manufacturing Science (FIEMS 2014) was held June 26-27 in Beijing, China. The objective of FIEMS 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Information Engineering and Manufacturing Science. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Information Engineering and Manufacturing Science.

    Effect evaluation of interactive teaching method in pediatric dentistry
    L.M. Wei, Y.H. Pan, X.M. Xu & J.F. Wang
    The application of Markov method for upper limb rehabilitation robot’s dynamic evaluation
    J. Li, J. Wang & S. Li
    Steam mop detection system design based on STM32 and µC/OS-II
    J. Huang
    Research on information technology application major practical teaching system based on ITAT contest
    F. Li & L. Chen
    The studies for transforming information in control system based on TBS model
    Y. Gan, Q. Gao & F. Sun
    Experimental research on arc discharge parameters of high-current ion source for EAST-NBI
    Z.J. Tian, C.D. Hu & S. Liu
    On the security of recharging social security cards
    J. Yang
    On the risks control of the centralized authorization system in banking business
    Y. Han
    Optimal CVRP depot location determination using two-tier PSO
    R.-M. Chen & Y.-A. Chen
    Deformed target location based on pattern recognition
    Y. Chen, F.R. Huo & L.Q. Zheng
    Agriculture robot and applications
    Y. Wang, K. Lee, S. Cui, E. Risch, J.-A. Lian & Y. Lan
    Experimental study of laser quenching based on resonant scanner
    G. Zhang, S.Z. Zhang, C.L. He, Y.P. Wang & X.S. Chen
    A RFID path tracking information system based on data warehousing
    L. Chen & J. Guo
    Enterprise vitality evaluation method: A perspective of enterprise business age model
    B. Ai, Y. Ma & Y. Xu
    Combined economic effects of mass customization and operation chain
    X.J. He
    The study of evolution design for Chinese traditional medicine granulators by simplified evolution pattern
    S. Wang, L. Wang, S. Wu, Y. Li & L. Zhao
    Risk management in commercial banks
    J. Zheng
    Inference rules based on XML functional dependency and XML multi-valued dependency
    Z. Zhang & S. Shi
    Design and analysis of horizontal-axis wind turbine main shaft
    Y. Xia & Q. Liu
    Research on the design and application of test circuits for a digital voltmeter
    H. Chen, W. Hu & J. Li
    Research on water-entry impact and flow-fluid characteristics of tangent ogive structure
    K. Lin, D. Qi, H.-Y. Yang, X.-q. Zhang & L. Wang
    The analysis of the risk compensation in the insurance of the security of production in coal mine under government intervention
    C. Yan, Z.-B. Liu, C.-C. Chen & Y.-X. Li
    Automatic segmentation of 3D point cloud using spectral clustering
    S. Liu & Z. Zhang
    Hua chi block low permeability reservoir sensitivity evaluation
    W.C. Qu, K.P. Song & B. Bi
    A new method for testing the environment adaptability of ordnance
    C.H. Liu, Y.T. Hao, Y. Chen & H.Y. Liu
    Building Chinese polarity lexicons with co-occurrence using non-negative matrix factorization
    C.M. Yang, H. Zhang & T.X. He
    Application research of stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm in adaptive optics system
    L. Zhang
    The FDTD method application in the problem of electromagnetic wave propagation in cylindrical coordinates
    M. Levin & P. Zatsepin
    Finite-Difference Time Domain method for electromagnetic pulse scattering by dual layers structure in two-dimensional space
    A.Y. Rykshin & P.M. Zatsepin
    Using DEMATEL to analyze the quality characteristics of mobile applications
    W.-M. Han, C.-H. Hsu & C.-Y. Yeh
    Application of node based coincidence algorithm for solving order acceptance with multi-process capacity balancing problems
    W. Wattanapornprom, T. Li, W. Wattanapornprom & P. Chongstitvatana
    Production and distribution plan for fresh produce under random fuzzy environment
    X. Bai & L. Xu
    Effect on group counseling for university freshmen after their psychological survey
    S. Liu & L. Yang
    Effect of the countervailing power on quality innovation of the upstream manufacturer
    K. Li, W.-H. Chen, H.-Q. Su & Z.-H. Liu
    To estimate a phase via two-entangled photons with multiple passes
    L.X. Xia, R.Q. Liu, B. Xie, S.Q. Yu & X.L. Zhou
    Unsupervised feature selection algorithm based on spectral clustering and analysis of variance
    Q.Q. Wu, Y.D. Wang, Z.Y. Wang & K.H. Liu
    Differences on the development of regional education under the geospatial perspective in China
    H. Xie, J.-H. Gan & Z. Zhao
    Study on the heritage and development of ethnical culture under the educational perspective
    J.-H. Gan & H. Xie
    Exploring and development—summary of ethnical cultural education
    H. Xie, W. Yan & J. Yi
    Study on e-education in the “security analysis and investment” course teaching practice
    P. Guo, Z. Xu & X. Zhang
    Philosophical thinking on the essence of the contemporary youth
    Q.-G. Huang
    Financial service innovation of 3PL—logistics finance
    Y.Q. Wang & D.Y. Zhao
    Research on the circuit of the fifth-order CNN hyper-chaotic system
    J. Xu, J. Chang, L. Zhang & Q. Xu
    Green supply chain management system of modern enterprise construction strategy
    X.-Y. Shi & W.-H. Zhang
    Research of modern logistics enterprise financial management
    W.-h. Zhang
    Research on information technology promotes chemical effective teaching
    F. Yue, X.Z. Liu & X.L. Yang
    The double threshold method based on Kinect depth map
    G. Li & J. Luo
    The characteristic and countermeasure research of physical training for civil aviators
    X.K. Chang
    Performance research of China’s listed commercial banks based on factor analysis
    S.X. He & W.J. He
    Constructive research of Moodle-based mobile network teaching system
    M. Yao
    Research on ethics games between the MNEs and Chinese government
    J.F. Zhu
    Energy Balanced Self-adaptive Intelligent Water Drops routing algorithm
    C. Xu, S.Z. Ni & H.G. Shao
    Cellular automaton based three-lane traffic simulation model for traffic incident
    W.H. Yang
    Research on physical education personnel training mode in the perspective of market economy
    C.-Q. Liu & Y. Zhang
    Research on teaching method of Unified Modeling Language
    W. Quan, Y. Xue, J.T. Fan, C. Han, Z. Jiang & H. Yang
    Research on the reputation evaluation system of online group buying based on consumer preference—taking catering category as an example
    L. Zhong, J.C. Xiang & L.H. Xu
    A novel contourlet-based No-Reference Image Quality Assessment metric
    J. Wang & Y. Wang
    Blind image quality assessment based on saliency extraction and contourlet transformation
    Y. Wang & J. Wang
    Based on fuzzy FMEA and FMECA of aircraft fuel system compare analysis
    R. Zhang, Y. Yang, Y. Gao & Y. Teng
    The economic and social development issues on school abolishing and merging
    J. Zhang, T. Wang & L. Ling
    Traffic flow prediction based on artificial life and RBF neural network
    X. Zhu & J. Zhang
    Optimization for concurrent WLAN Offload/Anti-offload and 3GPP HO processes for 5G wireless communication systems
    L. Feng, Z. Zhang, H. Hu & F. Cheng
    The inspiration of Marx’s scientific and technological innovation theory on cultivating talents of computer science and technology by universities
    W. Zhao
    Deep exploration test in Taiwan Straits applying OBS
    M.Q. Sun, Y.X. Xu, P. Fu & H.L. Huang
    School games in the United Kingdom for teenagers
    G. Ding
    Researched on software evolution process modeling
    Z. Jiang, Z.-J. Jiang & Z.-T. Fu
    The effect and simulation of one-way traffic on urban transportation environment
    W. Zha & T. Zhu
    Simulation of Brushed DC Motor driving system based on fuzzy PID
    Y. Xu, J. Lu & C. Zhang
    Analysis of Chinese human capital investment strategy of scientific outlook on development
    X. Zhu & J. Huang
    Robot odor localization based on evolutionary gradient algorithm under the Gaussian plume model
    Z. Zhao & J. Fang
    The relationship between the perceptions of teachers’ expectation, parents’ expectation and academic performance of junior middle school students
    P. Zhang
    The optimizing strategy of capital structure of SMEs
    F. Hu
    An enlighten of the development of micro-course for ideological and political education of higher education based on word frequency
    L. Wang
    Application of the VERICUT using in university course of mechanical manufacturing
    D. Li, X. Wang & D. Ji
    Deficiency and countermeasure of ideological and political education in colleges
    C. Zhang
    Protection measures of the interests of company’s creditors
    W. Huang
    New media and cultivation of college students’ core values
    X. Zhang & Y. Chen
    Analysis on measurement for creating English learning context
    S. Lai
    Development strategies in aerospace cultural industry of Langfang in China
    J. Yang & J. Li
    Study on new type of building construction technology based on BIM virtual technology
    H. Peng
    Application of aesthetic idea and spatial planning in landscape design
    C. Liu
    Marketization of the application of broadcast television
    Y. Gao
    Incentive mechanism of strategic innovation in human resource management
    D. Wu
    Regional studies on effects of the Ban for Free Plastic Bags
    Y. Ji
    Expression of tragedy color in “Childhood sweetheart” by Higuchi Ichiyo
    F. Han
    Professional practice ability of young foreign language teachers in universities for nationalities
    L. Yang
    Theory and practice of violin basic-skill teaching
    G. Xu


    Dawei Zheng, International Research Association of Information and Computer Science, Beijing, China.