1st Edition

Future Mechatronics and Automation Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Mechatronics and Automation, (ICMA 2014), 7-8 July, 2014, Beijing, China

Edited By Guohui Yang Copyright 2015

    This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Future Mechatronics and Automation, held in Beijing, China. Contributions cover the latest developments and advances in the field of Mechatronics and Automation.

    Organizing Committee

    Section 1: Mechanical engineering
    Analysis of measurement uncertainty for aircraft docking and assembly
    Y.C. He, G.X. Li, B.Z. Wu & J.Z. Yang
    The application of the China EDPF-NT+DCS in a power plant for an FGD project
    L.J. Dong, W.P. Liang & Y.P. Wang
    Research on the integrated test system of dynamical balance and the correction of optical axis of the coordinator
    P.T. Cong & H. Han
    Comparison of different Sub-Grid Scale models for the nonreacting flow in a Lean Direct Injection combustor
    H. Dong & X.Y. Wen
    In-vehicle information system embedded software developing approach based on QNX RTOS
    H. Cheng & Z.Y. Liu
    Research on steering angle tracking control approach for steer-by-wire system
    M. Zhang & Z. Liu
    Design and rendering of the 3D Lotus Pool by Moonlight
    Y.-X. Hui & W.-G. Liu
    Finite element analysis and optimization of an economical welding robot
    S.W. Cui & J.J. Wei
    Modal analysis on the instrument panel bracket of automotive
    S.W. Cui & J.J. Wei
    Preparing high aspect ratio sub-wavelength structures by X-ray lithography
    Y.G. Li & S. Sugiyama
    Optimization and combination on machinery units from processing fish balls
    J.M. Liu, G.R. Sun, F.G. Du, X.R. Kong, K.J. Liu & X.S. Liu

    Section 2: Mechatronics
    Exploration on hospital strategy management based on niche theory
    C. Zhu, G.W. Wang, X.F. Xiong & Y. Guo
    Noise adaptive UKF method used for boost trajectory tracking
    Y. Wang, H. Chen, H. Zhao & W.Wu
    Geometric orbit determination of GEO satellites based on dynamics
    Y.D. Wang, H. Zhao, H.Y. Chen & W.Y. Wu
    The design of an intelligent hydropower station operation simulation model
    T. Chen & X.C. Wu
    The development of intelligent portable fumigation treatment bed
    D.L. Zhao & Y.-X. Guo
    The design of a controller with Smith predictor for networked control systems with long time delay
    Y.G. Ma, J.R. Jia & J.Q. Bo
    The behavioral identified technology of drivers based on mechanical vision
    J.L. Tang, G.L. Zhuang, B.H. Su, S.F. Chen & X.Y. Li
    Real-time fault detection and diagnosis of ASCS in AMT heavy-duty vehicles
    Y.N. Zhao, H.O. Liu, W.S. Zhang & H.Y. Chen
    WSN node localization technology research based on improved PSO
    P.Y. Ren, L.R. Chen & J.S. Kong
    An indoor control system based on LED visible light
    W.Y. Yu, Z.Y. Chen, Y.Z. Zhao & C.Y. Hu
    Experimental research on ultrasonic separation of two-dimensional normal mode
    C.H. Hua & J.X. Ding
    Adaptive fuzzy PID control for the quadrotor
    D. Qi, J.-F. Feng, Y.-L. Li, J. Yang, F.-F. Xu & K. Ning
    Design and implementation of cloud computing platform for mechatronics manufacturing
    T.T. Liu, Q. Yue, T.K. Ji & X.Q. Wu
    A fuzzy comprehensive assessment model and application of traffic grade on an emergency in a city
    F.Wang, J. Gao, Z.-l. Xiong & Y. Jiang
    The transplant process of Linux2.6.20 on the development board of K9iAT91RM9200
    B.H. Jiang & J. Mei
    Eliminating bridge offset voltage for AMR sensors
    Y.J. Wang
    Evaluation and influencing factors of urban land intensive use – A case study of Xianning City
    X.H. Cui, C.S. Song & W.X. Zhai
    Short-term wind power forecasting based on Elman neural networks
    S.H. Zhang & X.P. Yang
    Design of a multiple function intelligent car based on modular control
    C. Tan, L.-Y.Wang, H.-M. Zhao & C. Su

    Section 3: Intelligent robotics
    Research on virtual human motion generation using KernelPCA method
    X.Q. Hu, J.H. Liang, Q.P. Liu &Y.W. Fu
    The research and realization of digital library landscape based on OpenGl
    W.-G. Liu & Y.-X. Hui
    A class of memory guaranteed cost control of T-S fuzzy system
    Y.H. Wang, X.Q. He, Z.H. Wu & C.G. Wang
    Application of improved BP neural network in fiber grating pressure measuring system
    Q.G. Zhu, M. Yuan, C.F. Wang &Y.Y. Gao
    Mobile robot vision location based on improved BP-SIFT algorithm
    Q.G. Zhu, J. Wang, X.X. Xie & W.D. Chen
    Direct adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for a class of uncertain MIMO nonlinear systems
    S.L. Wen & Y. Yan
    Adjacent vertex distinguishing total coloring of Cartesian product graphs
    Z.-Q. Chu & J.-B. Liu
    Design of embedded graphical user interface of graphics driver library based on STemWin
    Y.M. Zhou, W.S. Liang & L. Qiu
    Research and design of the controller for vision-based multi-rotor MAV
    Y.-J.Wang, Z. Li, S.-b. Pan & X. Li
    Tow tension controller for robotic automated fiber placement based on fuzzy parameter self-adjusting PID
    J. Chen & Y.G. Duan
    The research and design of internal cooling control system for plastic film production based on Cortex M3
    H. Guo & S.-W. Yu


    Guohui Yang