1st Edition

Futures Markets (Routledge Revivals) Their Establishment and Performance

By Barry Goss Copyright 1986
    ISBN 9780415835275
    258 Pages
    Published August 29, 2014 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780415835268
    258 Pages
    Published March 27, 2013 by Routledge

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    First published in 1986, this book discusses many important aspects of the theory and practice of Futures Markets. It describes how they, at the time, grew to be an increasingly important feature of the world's major financial centres. Indeed, they adopted the role of being efficient forward pricing mechanisms and this was reflected by the interest of economists in the study of risk, uncertainty and information. Here, the contributors focus on areas that were of concern in the late 1980s such as feasibility, forward pricing and returns, and the modelling of price determination in Futures Markets. Evidence is drawn from twenty-five different commodities representing all the major commodity groups; and from all the world's major centres of Futures Trading.

    Acknowledgements;  Introduction: Feasibility and the Consequences of Using Information in Futures Markets Barry A. Goss  1. An Institutional Analysis of Futures Contracting Cento G. Veljanovski  2. Experimental Futures Markets Glenn W. Harrison  3. Hedging, Risk and Profits: Notes on Motives for Hedging on Futures Markets Basil Yarney  4. Intertemporal Allocation in the Australian Wool Market Barry A. Goss and David E. A. Giles  5. An Analysis of Investment Horizon and Alternative Risk-return Measures for Commodity Futures Markets Cheng-Few Lee and Raymond M. Leuthold  6. Trading Volume and Price Variability: New Evidence on the Price Effects of Speculation David J.S. Rutledge  7. The Forward Pricing Function of the London Metal Exchange Barry A. Goss  8. An Analysis of Gold Futures Prices in Large and Small Markets C. Rae Weston and Ross McDonnell  9. The Distribution of Returns in Sydney Wool Futures Keven Rainbow and Peter D. Praetz  10. Conjectured Models for Trends in Financial Prices, Tests and Forecasts Stephen J. Taylor;  Index

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