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GIS Applications in Agriculture

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The GIS Applications in Agriculture series was developed to advance and support the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in agriculture by providing a venue for users to share their applications and innovations. The value of using GIS in agriculture continually increases as advances in technology accelerate the need for the acquisition, management, and analysis of spatial data both on the farm and throughout the agriculture value chain. Series books focus on relevant applications of GIS for agriculture that address various topics and audiences. The primary audience for the series is GIS users in an agricultural context including researchers, educators, government agencies, private firms, consultants, and growers.

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GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Three Invasive Species

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Three: Invasive Species

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon A. Clay
September 19, 2019

While many "alien" plant and animal species are purposefully introduced into new areas as ornamentals, livestock, crops, and even pets, these species can escape into other areas and threaten agricultural and native ecosystems causing economic and environmental harm, or harm to human health. ...

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Four Conservation Planning

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Four: Conservation Planning

1st Edition

Edited By Tom Mueller, Gretchen F. Sassenrath
March 02, 2015

Conservation planning involves targeted management practices and land use decision-making based on careful analysis of landscape limitations in order to protect soil and water resources. Developing solutions to conservation planning is of worldwide interest due to anticipated population growth, ...

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Two Nutrient  Management for Energy Efficiency

GIS Applications in Agriculture, Volume Two: Nutrient Management for Energy Efficiency

1st Edition

Edited By David Clay, John F. Shanahan
February 16, 2011

We are entering a new era in production agronomics. Agricultural scientists the world over call for the development of techniques that simultaneously increase soil carbon storage and reduce agriculture’s energy use. In response, site-specific or precision agriculture has become the focus and ...

GIS Applications in Agriculture

GIS Applications in Agriculture

1st Edition

Edited By Francis J. Pierce, David Clay
February 13, 2007

The increased efficiency and profitability that the proper application of technology can provide has made precision agriculture the hottest developing area within traditional agriculture. The first single-source volume to cover GIS applications in agronomy, GIS Applications in Agriculture examines ...

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