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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a cross-disciplinary, integrative technology widely used by professionals around the world in evidence-based spatial decision-making. GIS is application-driven, concerned with the effective use and management of data, empowering its spatial analysis, visualization, and dissemination. This book series covers the disciplinary intersections that happen when GIS is used in action to solve or manage real issues in society. The range of GIS applications includes archaeology, agriculture, environmental and civil engineering, meteorology and climatology, public health, emergency planning and response, forestry, geology, spatial data infrastructures, green energy, transport logistics, and many more. The books in this series address the relevant practical and technological issues, provide case studies, and discuss the impact that applications have on policy and society. It provides academics and professionals the opportunity to combine their research, consultancy, and relevant project work into a book that is then germane to professional lines of work or teaching modules focusing on specific GIS applications.

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GIS and Housing Principles and Practices

GIS and Housing: Principles and Practices

1st Edition

By Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Jochen Albrecht, Deborah Rojas De Leon
December 29, 2023

GIS and Housing: Principles and Practices discusses one of the challenges that has not been addressed by Geographic Information Science thus far: how can we use GIS to deal with the complex issues underlying the housing crisis? This book provides GIS technicians and analysts with an overview of US ...

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