1st Edition

GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices

By Wolfgang Engel Copyright 2019
    308 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    308 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    Wolfgang Engel’s GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices gathers all the cutting-edge information from his previous seven GPU Pro volumes into a convenient single source anthology that covers computer graphics in mobile devices. This volume is complete with 18 articles by leading programmers that focus on the ability of graphics processing units to process and generate geometry in exciting ways. GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices is comprised of ready-to-use ideas and efficient procedures that can help solve many computer graphics programming challenges that may arise.

    Key Features:

    • Presents tips & tricks on real-time rendering of special effects and visualization data on common consumer software platforms such as PCs, video consoles, mobile devices
    • Covers specific challenges involved in creating games on various platforms
    • Explores the latest developments in rapidly evolving field of real-time rendering
    • Takes practical approach that helps graphics programmers solve their daily challenges

    Ch 1 Quadtree Displacement Mapping with Height Bending; Ch 2 NPR Effects Using the Geometry Shadxder; Ch 3 Alpha Blending as  a Post-Process; Ch 4 Virtual Texture Mapping 101; Ch 5 Pre-Integrated Skin Shading; Ch 6 Implementing Fur Using Deferred Shading; Ch 7 Large-Scale Terrain Rendering for Outdoor Games; Ch 8 Practical Morphological Antaliassing ; Ch 9 Volume Decals; Ch 10 PracticalElliptical  Texture Filtering on the GPU; Ch 11An Approximation  to the Chapman Grazing-Incidence Function for Atmospheric Scattering; Ch 12 Volumetric Real-Time Water and  Foam Rendering; Ch 13 Inexpensive Antialiassing of Simple Objects:; Ch 14 Practical Planar Reflections Using Cubemaps and Image Proxies; Ch 15 Real-Time Ptex and Vector Displacement; Ch 16 Decoupled Deferred Shading on the GPU; Ch 17 Tiled Forward Shading;    Ch18 Forward+: A Step Toward Film-Style Shading in Real-Time; Ch 19 Progressive Screen-Space Multichannel Voxelization; Ch 20 Rasterized Voxel-Based Dynamic Global Illumination; Ch 21 Per-Pixel Lists for Single Pass A-Buffer; Ch 22 Reducing Texture Memory Usage by 2-Channel Encoding; Ch  23 Particle-Based Simulation of Material Aging; Ch 24 Simple Rasterization-Based Liquids; Ch 25 Next Generation Rendering in Thief; Ch 26 Grass  Rendering and Simulation with LOD;   Ch 27 Hybrid Reconstruction Antialiassing; Ch 28 Real-Time Rendering of  Physically-Based Clouds Using Precomputed Scattering; Ch 29 Sparse Procedural Volume Rendering; Ch 30 Adaptive Virtua l Textures; Ch 31 Deferred Coarse Pixel Shading; Ch 32 Progressive Rendering Using Multi-Frame Sampling


    Wolfgang Engel is the CEO of Confetti, a think tank for advanced real-time graphics for the games and movie industries.  Previously he worked in Rockstar's core technology group as the lead graphics programmer.