1st Edition

GaN and Related Materials

Edited By Stephen J. Pearton Copyright 1997
    552 Pages
    by CRC Press

    456 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Presents views on current developments in heat and mass transfer research related to the modern development of heat exchangers. Devotes special attention to the different modes of heat and mass transfer mechanisms in relation to the new development of heat exchangers design. Dedicates particular attention to the future needs and demands for further development in heat and mass transfer. GaN and related materials are attracting tremendous interest for their applications to high-density optical data storage, blue/green diode lasers and LEDs, high-temperature electronics for high-power microwave applications, electronics for aerospace and automobiles, and stable passivation films for semiconductors. In addition, there is great scientific interest in the nitrides, because they appear to form the first semiconductor system in which extended defects do not severely affect the optical properties of devices.
    This series provides a forum for the latest research in this rapidly-changing field, offering readers a basic understanding of new developments in recent research. Series volumes feature a balance between original theoretical and experimental research in basic physics, device physics, novel materials and quantum structures, processing, and systems.

    1. Plate Type Exchangers 2. Dynamic Systems 3. A Historical Survey of Research on Gallium Nitride 4. Growth of Group III Nitrides from Molecular Beams 5. Ternary Alloys 6. Optical Characterization of GaN and Related Materials 7. Theoretical Studies in GaN 8. GaAsN Alloys and GaN/GaAs Thin Layer Structures 9. The Contribution of Defects to the Electrical and Optical Properties of GaN 10. Growth of GaN Single Crystals Under High Nitrogen Pressure 11.Ion Implantation Doping and Isolation of III-Nitride Materials 12. High-Density ECR Etching of Group-III Nitrides 13. Contacts on III-Nitrides 14. III-V Nitride Based LEDs 15. III-V Nitride Electronic Devices 16. Physical Properties of the Bulk GaN Crystals Grown by the High-Pressure, High Temperature Method 17. Microstructure of Epitaxial III-V Nitride Thin Films 18. The Role of Hydrogen in GaN and Related Compounds


    Stephen J. Pearton (Edited by)