1st Edition

Gadda and Beckett: Storytelling, Subjectivity and Fracture

By Katrin Wehling-Giorgi Copyright 2014

    This book contests the position of 'insularity' frequently ascribed to Carlo Emilio Gadda and Samuel Beckett by critical consensus, situating these two contemporary authors at the heart of the debate of late European modernism, and rethinks some of Gadda's plurilingual and macaronic features.

    Introduction 1. L'anello che non tiene': Gaps and Incoherence in Gadda's and Beckett's Poetics 2. In Pursuit of a 'Literature of the Unword': Narrative and Linguistic Subversion 3. Back in the Caul': Matricide and Uterine Spaces 4. Conclusion


    Katrin Wehling-Giorgi