1st Edition

Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology Navigating Climate Change in the Anthropocene

By Andrew Fellows Copyright 2019
    250 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Winner of the Scientific & Medical Network Book Prize 2019!

    In Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology: Navigating Climate Change in the Anthropocene, Andrew Fellows uniquely connects Earth systems, Jungian and philosophical approaches to the existential threats that we face today. He elucidates the psychological basis of our dysfunctional relationship with nature, thereby offering a coherent framework for transforming this in our personal and professional lives. Demonstrating the imperative for new ideas that transcend the status quo, Fellows tackles unprecedented 21st century challenges such as climate change through his interdisciplinary approach.

    Fellows proposes a worldview, informed by depth psychology, which radically contradicts the prevailing shibboleths of unlimited economic growth, dominion over outer nature and negation of our inner nature. To accommodate a broad readership, he first introduces the Anthropocene and sufficient basics of systems dynamics, Gaia theory and analytical psychology before exploring the mind-matter conundrum. He then correlates the structure, dynamics, contents and pathology of Gaia and of psyche, critiques the Western Zeitgeist as midlife crisis and establishes parallels between deep ecology and psychological individuation. This ground-breaking synthesis of Gaia theory, analytical psychology and deep ecology reveals synergies which show how we can, and why we must, relinquish anthropocentrism in order to survive sustainably as equals in and with the natural world.

    Combining Jungian theory with other cutting-edge disciplines to inform, inspire and heal, this book is essential reading not only for Jungian analysts, students and scholars, but for all—including professionals in Earth systems science, environmental philosophy and ecopsychology—who realise that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option.

    Preface. Chapter 1: Start Here;  Chapter 2: The Anthropocene;  Chapter 3: Gaia and Science;  Chapter 4: Psyche and Beyond;  Chapter 5:  A Psyche-Gaia Conjecture;  Chapter 6:  Heroic Development;  Chapter 7: Frugal Individuation;  Chapter 8: End Here?;  Appendix: Resources


    Andrew Fellows is a Jungian analyst with private practices in Zürich and Bern. He holds a Doctorate in Applied Physics, and enjoyed many years of international professional engagement with renewable energy, sustainable development and energy policy.

    "If we want to understand the causes of our present crisis and our disastrous alienation from nature, both within and without, we could learn much from this brilliantly perceptive and comprehensive book. Connecting a profound understanding of Jung’s concept of Individuation with the Deep Ecology of Arne Næss, Fellows demolishes the dangerous concept of ‘limitless growth’ and shows how we need urgently to abandon our hubristic and exploitive will to power over planetary life. Truly, a clarion call to us all!" - Anne Baring Ph.D., author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul

    "Andrew Fellows is passionate about the urgent need to address the damage we are doing to our planet. His combined professional background in both applied science and depth psychology offers an all too rare perspective that is in the best traditions of Jungian thought - erudite, multi-disciplinary and concerned with the most profound and pressing problems of our time. His book makes valuable food for thought and I share his hope that it will make even better fuel for action. It deserves to be widely read." - Warren Colman, Jungian psychoanalyst; former editor of Journal of Analytical Psychology; author of Act and Image: The Emergence of Symbolic Imagination

    "This book written by heart and head, reminds us that 'we may not be able to save what we do not love.' A fine scientific mind gathers fact and technical theory to plead this love’s cause. Analogies (between psyche’s individuation process and Earth’s Gaia theory) are compelling. The "uncanny" parallel between ego’s domination of the western psyche and civilization’s domination of the planet challenges our inertia, nostalgia and hubris, responses Fellows identifies as leaving us traumatized by the task of halting imminent ecological disaster. Fruit of years of scientific and psychological commitment, this new approach excites reverence for the 'panorama of stratified living beings'." - Rev. Josephine Evetts-Secker, Assoc. Prof. Emerita, University of Calgary, CA; Jungian Analyst; author of At Home in the Language of the Soul

    "We all live in thought bubbles. Fellows clearly declares his bubble as Jungian and he forced me to think about my own, which I suppose must be Newtonian. These two bubbles are unlikely companions and it is therefore unusual to find an author who has occupied both. He has successfully used his wide spectrum of experience to encourage new thoughts, which so often occur when different disciplines are interwoven. I did find that looking at deep ecology from a Jungian point of view both novel and stimulating. This is a well-researched and highly unusual book and will be of interest to the occupants of all bubbles." - Andrew Garrad, CBE FREng; past president of the European Wind Energy Association

    "This richly detailed book will delight you, inform you and transform you with its fine writing, profound insight and its detailed, original synthesis of ecological science and philosophy with Jung’s depth psychology. A vital and important contribution to the development of the Gaian consciousness so badly needed in these darkening times." - Dr Stephan Harding, coordinator of Holistic Science at Schumacher College, Dartington, UK; author of Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia

    "Andrew Fellows, in this remarkable book offers deep and compelling insight into the nature of this transformative moment in Earth’s history, while also bringing to bear equally compelling insights into how human beings will have to respond to the crisis. Ranging from the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung to the most recent insights of quantum mechanics, the Gaia hypothesis of Lovelock and the deep ecology of Arne Naess, Fellows, with his own background in alternative energy engineering and training as a Jungian analyst, achieves a level to synthesis in his approach to the environment that is otherwise unmatched in the literature. This book should be read not only by concerned individuals but also by policy makers at all levels of government and industry." - George B. Hogenson, Ph.D., Jungian psychoanalyst, Vice President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology

    Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology is a work of sweeping scope that explores our rich, multifaceted relatedness to the natural world. Fellows provides a concise, insightful summary of the issues related to climate change and our role in causing this great disruption. At the core of the work, Fellows unveils the Psyche-Gaia Conjecture which illustrates the deep, interconnectedness between human and non-human worlds. This is an important work for all, given the challenges we face at this time of great climatic disruption." - Jeffrey T Kiehl, climate scientist and Jungian analyst; author of Facing Climate Change: An Integrated Path to the Future

    "Andrew Fellows looks squarely at the painful data on climate change and related environmental issues and the poor record of our collective attempts to address them. What is needed, he argues, is nothing less than a metanoia and a new worldview. As knowledgeable as he is urgent, Fellows outlines a potential contribution to bringing about such changes of heart and perspective with this book’s bold transdisciplinary synthesis of Gaia theory, analytical psychology, deep ecology, dual-aspect monism, and panentheism. This is a profound, challenging and inspiring work, and to my mind is on the right track." - Professor Roderick Main, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK

    "Andrew Fellows’ book addresses many important questions in clear language. His open-minded and erudite argument will inspire those who are concerned about the future of the biosphere." - Jeremy Narby, Ph.D., Amazonian Projects Director at Nouvelle Planète; author of The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, and Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge

    "Andrew Fellows’s Gaia, Psyche and Deep Ecology is a remarkable synthesis of ecology, general systems, earth science, Jungian psychology, and deep ecology, all by way of constructing a case for the profound change of consciousness that is the only true solution for the host of interlocking problems confronting late industrial civilization. Valuable for its extensive sources alone." - William Ophuls, author of Plato’s Revenge: Politics in the Age of Ecology and Immoderate Greatness: Why Civilizations Fail

    "Andrew Fellows, with his encompassing knowledge and deep insight into the realms of applied physics (PhD Dunelm) and analytical psychology (diplomate Jungian Analyst) is more suited than anyone else I know to show and lead us into this complex area that is vital for our global future. It is his sense for the whole of the world, and his ability to bridge or close the gap between the cognitive thinking of natural science and the deep-running insights of the psyche that will make his book an essential contribution in the discussion of deep ecology." - Christa Robinson MA, Jungian analyst and supervisor, published in America and China

    "Supported by thorough scholarly research and passionate argumentation, this book looks at deep ecology from a psyche-oriented perspective and at analytical psychology from an ecological world-soul perspective. It is a treasure chest of inspiration, carefully chosen quotes and clear directives to engage in what is arguably the prime challenge confronting us at this stage of our evolution as a species: moving beyond destructive anthropocentrism to the recognition that we are part of a larger organism." - Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, Director of the Pari Center for New Learning; author of Pilgrimages to Emptiness

    "This is a big book that demands our serious attention. On the major threat of our times—climate change—Andrew Fellows marshals all of his considerable faculties in science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality to give us a truly integrative account of this multi-layered catastrophe that demands a complete change in our relationship to ourselves, to the societies around us, and to Mother Earth herself if we are to survive. Fellows invites the reader to join with him and all of humanity in trying to confront this all too real apocalypse." - Thomas Singer M.D., San Francisco Jung Institute

    "As humans living on credit on this exceptional planet Earth, we must change our wanton ways, urgently! Andrew Fellows argues the case intelligently and with compassion for such a dramatic reversal of attitude and behaviour. And, even more extraordinary and impressive, he shows the way to do it. I only hope many people will read this timely work and accept the challenge it presents so convincingly —before it’s too late." - Murray Stein, Ph.D., Past President of IAAP; author of Minding the Self