1st Edition

Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Architecture

By Steve Rabin Copyright 2020
    402 Pages 107 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    402 Pages 107 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Steve Rabin’s Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Architecture gathers all the cutting-edge information from his previous three Game AI Pro volumes into a convenient single source anthology covering game AI architecture. This volume is complete with articles by leading game AI programmers that further explore modern architecture such as behavior trees and share architectures used in top games such as Final Fantasy XV, the Call of Duty series and the Guild War series.

    Key Features

    • Provides real-life case studies of game AI in published commercial games
    • Material by top developers and researchers in Game AI
    • Downloadable demos and/or source code available online

    About the Editor

    About the Contributors


    1 Behavior Selection Algorithms: An Overview

    Michael Dawe, Steve Gargolinski, Luke Dicken, Troy Humphreys, and Dave Mark

    2 Structural Architecture—Common Tricks of the Trade

    Kevin Dill

    3 The Behavior Tree Starter Kit

    Alex J. Champandard and Philip Dunstan

    4 Real-World Behavior Trees in Script

    Michael Dawe

    5 Simulating Behavior Trees: A Behavior Tree/Planner Hybrid Approach

    Daniel Hilburn

    6 An Introduction to Utility Theory

    David “Rez” Graham

    7 Building Utility Decisions into Your Existing Behavior Tree

    Bill Merrill

    8 Reactivity and Deliberation in Decision-Making Systems

    Carle Côté

    9 Exploring HTN Planners through Example 103

    Troy Humphreys

    10 Hierarchical Plan-Space Planning for Multi-unit Combat Maneuvers

    William van der Sterren

    11 Phenomenal AI Level-of-Detail Control with the LOD Trader

    Ben Sunshine-Hill

    12 Runtime Compiled C++ for Rapid AI Development

    Doug Binks, Matthew Jack, and Will Wilson

    13 Plumbing the Forbidden Depths: Scripting and AI

    Mike Lewis

    14 Possibility Maps for Opportunistic AI and Believable Worlds

    John Manslow

    15 Production Rules Implementation in 1849

    Robert Zubek

    16 Production Systems: New Techniques in AAA Games

    Andrea Schiel

    17 Building a Risk-Free Environment to Enhance Prototyping: Hinted-Execution Behavior Trees

    Sergio Ocio Barriales

    18 Smart Zones to Create the Ambience of Life

    Etienne de Sevin, Caroline Chopinaud, and Clodéric Mars

    19 Separation of Concerns Architecture for AI and Animation

    Bobby Anguelov

    20 Optimizing Practical Planning for Game AI

    Eric Jacopin

    21 Modular AI

    Kevin Dill and Christopher Dragert

    22 Overcoming Pitfalls in Behavior Tree Design

    Anthony Francis

    23 From Behavior to Animation: A Reactive AI Architecture for Networked First-Person Shooter Games

    Sumeet Jakatdar

    24 A Character Decision-Making System for FINAL FANTASY XV by Combining Behavior Trees and State Machines

    Youichiro Miyake, Youji Shirakami, Kazuya Shimokawa, Kousuke Namiki, Tomoki Komatsu, Joudan Tatsuhiro, Prasert Prasertvithyakarn, and Takanori Yokoyama

    25 A Reusable, Light-Weight Finite-State Machine

    David “Rez” Graham

    26 Choosing Effective Utility-Based Considerations

    Mike Lewis

    27 Combining Scripted Behavior with Game Tree Search for Stronger, More Robust Game AI

    Nicolas A. Barriga, Marius Stanescu, and Michael Buro


    Steve Rabin has 15 years at Nintendo of America, 4 years at various game developer start-ups, and 7 years of college teaching experience. He has been the invited keynote speaker at several academic AI conferences, founder and summit advisor for the AI Summit at GDC, GDC speaker, and founder/manager of the AI Game Programmers Guild.