1st Edition

Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Movement and Pathfinding

By Steve Rabin Copyright 2020
    314 Pages 132 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    314 Pages 132 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    Steve Rabin’s Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Movement and Pathfinding gathers all the cutting-edge information from his previous three Game AI Pro volumes into a convenient single source anthology covering movement and pathfinding in game AI. This volume is complete with articles by leading game AI programmers that explore better ways to smooth paths, avoid obstacles, and navigate 3D space with cutting-edge techniques.

    Key Features

    • Provides real-life case studies of game AI in published commercial games
    • Material by top developers and researchers in Game AI
    • Downloadable demos and/or source code available online

    About the Editor

    About the Contributors


    1 Pathfinding Architecture Optimizations

    Steve Rabin and Nathan R. Sturtevant

    2 Choosing a Search Space Representation

    Nathan R. Sturtevant

    3 Creating High-Order Navigation Meshes through Iterative Wavefront Edge Expansions

    D. Hunter Hale and G. Michael Youngblood

    4 Precomputed Pathfinding for Large and Detailed Worlds on MMO Servers

    Fabien Gravot, Takanori Yokoyama, and Youichiro Miyake

    5 Techniques for Formation Movement Using Steering Circles

    Stephen Bjore

    6 Collision Avoidance for Preplanned Locomotion

    Bobby Anguelov

    7 Crowd Pathfinding and Steering Using Flow Field Tiles

    Elijah Emerson

    8 Efficient Crowd Simulation for Mobile Games

    Graham Pentheny

    9 Animation-Driven Locomotion with Locomotion Planning

    Jarosław Ciupiński

    10 JPS+: An Extreme A* Speed Optimization for Static Uniform Cost Grids

    Steve Rabin and Fernando Silva

    11 Subgoal Graphs for Fast Optimal Pathfinding

    Tansel Uras and Sven Koenig

    12 Theta* for Any-Angle Pathfinding

    Alex Nash and Sven Koenig

    13 Advanced Techniques for Robust, Efficient Crowds

    Graham Pentheny

    14 Context Steering: Behavior-Driven Steering at the Macro Scale

    Andrew Fray

    15 Guide to Anticipatory Collision Avoidance

    Stephen J. Guy and Ioannis Karamouzas

    16 Hierarchical Architecture for Group Navigation Behaviors

    Clodéric Mars and Jérémy Chanut

    17 Dynamic Obstacle Navigation in Fuse

    Jan Müller

    18 Steering against Complex Vehicles in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

    Eric Martel

    19 Predictive Animation Control Using Simulations and Fitted Models

    Ingimar Hólm Gudmundsson, Hendrik Skubch, Fabien Gravot, and Youichiro Miyake

    20 Fast Cars, Big City: The AI of Driver San Francisco

    Chris Jenner and Sergio Ocio Barriales

    21 A Unified Theory of Locomotion

    Graham Pentheny

    22 RVO and ORCA: How They Really Work

    Ben Sunshine-Hill

    23 Optimization for Smooth Paths

    Mark Langerak

    24 3D Flight Navigation Using Sparse Voxel Octrees

    Daniel Brewer

    25 Faster A* with Goal Bounding

    Steve Rabin and Nathan R. Sturtevant

    26 Faster Dijkstra Search on Uniform Cost Grids

    Nathan R. Sturtevant and Steve Rabin


    Steve Rabin has 15 years at Nintendo of America, 4 years at various game developer start-ups, and 7 years of college teaching experience. He has been the invited keynote speaker at several academic AI conferences, founder and summit advisor for the AI Summit at GDC, GDC speaker, and founder/manager of the AI Game Programmers Guild.