1st Edition

Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Tactics and Strategy

By Steve Rabin Copyright 2020
    258 Pages 71 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    258 Pages 71 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Steve Rabin’s Game AI Pro 360: Guide to Tactics and Strategy gathers all the cutting-edge information from his previous three Game AI Pro volumes into a convenient single source anthology that covers game AI strategy and tactics. This volume is complete with articles by leading game AI programmers that focus largely on combat decisions made in a wide variety of genres such as RTS, RPG, MOBA, strategy and tower defense games.

    Key Features

    • Provides real-life case studies of game AI in published commercial games
    • Material by top developers and researchers in Game AI
    • Downloadable demos and/or source code available online

    About the Editor

    About the Contributors


    1 Tactical Position Selection: An Architecture and Query Language

    Matthew Jack

    2 Tactical Pathfinding on a NavMesh

    Daniel Brewer

    3 Beyond the Kung-Fu Circle: A Flexible System for Managing NPC Attacks

    Michael Dawe

    4 Hierarchical AI for Multiplayer Bots in Killzone

    Remco Straatman, Tim Verweij, Alex Champandard, Robert Morcus, and Hylke Kleve

    5 Using Neural Networks to Control Agent Threat Response

    Michael Robbins

    6 Looking for Trouble: Making NPCs Search Realistically

    Rich Welsh

    7 Modeling Perception and Awareness in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Martin Walsh

    8 Escaping the Grid: Infinite-Resolution Influence Mapping

    Mike Lewis

    9 Modular Tactical Influence Maps

    Dave Mark

    10 Spatial Reasoning for Strategic Decision Making

    Kevin Dill

    11 Extending the Spatial Coverage of a Voxel-Based Navigation Mesh

    Kevin A. Kirst

    12 Being Where It Counts: Telling Paragon Bots Where to Go

    Mieszko Zieliński

    13 Combat Outcome Prediction for Real-Time Strategy Games

    Marius Stanescu, Nicolas A. Barriga, and Michael Buro

    14 Guide to Effective Auto-Generated Spatial Queries

    Eric Johnson

    15 The Role of Time in Spatio-Temporal Reasoning: Three Examples from Tower Defense

    Baylor Wetzel and Kyle Anderson

    16 Pitfalls and Solutions When Using Monte Carlo Tree Search for Strategy and Tactical Games

    Gijs-Jan Roelofs

    17 Petri Nets and AI Arbitration

    Sergio Ocio Barriales

    18 Hierarchical Portfolio Search in Prismata

    David Churchill and Michael Buro


    Steve Rabin has 15 years at Nintendo of America, 4 years at various game developer start-ups, and 7 years of college teaching experience. He has been the invited keynote speaker at several academic AI conferences, founder and summit advisor for the AI Summit at GDC, GDC speaker, and founder/manager of the AI Game Programmers Guild.