1st Edition

Game-playing for active ageing and healthy lifestyles

    162 Pages
    by River Publishers

    Given the increase in the ageing population and the evolvement of the Human-Computer Interaction field to a much more humanistic approach, debate is ongoing about designing technology-enabled products for active ageing and healthy lifestyles. Indeed, the mainstream game industry has been challenged with the emergence of an older target group, the advancements in gamification and the proliferation of SMART devices.Previous experience in the field has revealed that for many older adult gamers, games had a therapeutic effect through them being both cognitively challenged and rewarded. However it has also revealed that the gaming industry was not fulfilling their other motivations and accessibility needs.Furthermore, research to date has focused on the physical and cognitive effects of video games in the aging process. Up to now, the use of other active ageing dimensions that go beyond the health domains (i.e. sense of security, and participation in society) in games addressed to this target group remain unexplored.This book differs from current books on the market by focusing on games and the main implications to design for active ageing in terms of the market perspective, the information and communication society, behavioral design, mobility, urban and city planning, accessibility and assessment.

    Game-playing for active ageing and healthy lifestyles


    Ana Isabel Veloso, Liliana Vale Costa