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Women Entrepreneurs Developing Leadership for Success

Women Entrepreneurs: Developing Leadership for Success

1st Edition

By Sandra J. Wells, Stuart Bruchey
February 29, 2016

First Published in 1998. Female entrepreneurs represent a rapidly growing element of corporate America, as evidenced in The National Women's Business Council's 1991 Annual Report to the President of the United States and Congress. Given that so much of the business of America is composed of ...

Gendered Capital Entrepreneurial Women in American Enterprise

Gendered Capital: Entrepreneurial Women in American Enterprise

1st Edition

By Sally Ann Davies-Netzley
June 23, 2015

This book makes an important contribution by comparing the experiences of white and Latina women who own and operate businesses in the U.S. economy. While accounting for the significance of gender, ethnicity, and social class, Davies-Netzley explores the various pathways that women take to ...

Entrepreneurship and Religion Korean Immigrants in Houston, Texas

Entrepreneurship and Religion: Korean Immigrants in Houston, Texas

1st Edition

By Victoria Hyonchu Kwon
February 27, 2015

Focusing on settlement patterns among Houston's Korean immigrants, this study examines in ethnographic detail the mutually beneficial relationship between the Korean business community and church groups. It explore historical background and social and demographic characteristics of the group to ...

Managing Our Margins Women Entrepreneurs in the Suburbs

Managing Our Margins: Women Entrepreneurs in the Suburbs

1st Edition

By Kimberly A. Reed
February 27, 2015

Many women seek to achieve greater control over their working lives by making a transition to entrepreneurship and, as a result, must negotiate gender norms and gender-related expectations in both business and personal relationships. Based on interviews with women in the New Jersey suburbs, this ...

Doing Business in Minority Markets Black and Korean Entrepreneurs in Chicago's Ethnic Beauty Aids Industry

Doing Business in Minority Markets: Black and Korean Entrepreneurs in Chicago's Ethnic Beauty Aids Industry

1st Edition

By Robert Mark Silverman
April 19, 2000

This book examines black and Korean entrepreneurship in Chicago's ethnic beauty aids industry. In the case of each entrepreneurial group, business activities are heavily influenced by the economic conditions found on the South Side of Chicago. For instance, both groups provide goods and services ...

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