1st Edition

Gas Phase Reactions in Organic Synthesis

By Yannick Vallee Copyright 1998
    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Flash Vacuum Thermolysis (FVT) techniques have become well-established methods and occupy an increasingly important place in synthesis. Gas Phase Reactions in Organic Synthesis is a complete review of the applications of flash vacuum thermolysis in organic chemistry; it features new developments in FVT, flow thermolysis and vacuum gas-solid reactions which have appeared in scientific literature since 1980.

    1. Gas Phase Thermolysis in Natural Product Synthesis 2. Vacuum Gas-Solid Reactions (VGSR): Applications to the Synthesis of Unstable Species 3. Generation of Flash Vacuum or Flow Thermolysis of Double-Bonded Silicon and Germanium Species 4. Gas Phase Synthesis of Thiocarbonyl, Selenocarbonyl and Tellurocarbonyl Compounds 5.
    Gas Phase Pyrolytic Methods for the Preparation of Carbon-Hydrogen and Carbon-Hydrogen-Oxygen Compounds 6. The Formation of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, Fullerenes and Soot in Combustion: Pyrolitic Mechanisms and the Industrial and Environmental Connection


    Yannick Vallee