5th Edition

Gas Turbine Handbook Principles and Practice, Fifth Edition

By Tony Giampaolo Copyright 2014
    524 Pages
    by River Publishers

    Newly revised, this new fifth edition includes a chapter on waste heat recovery and discusses this technology in detail including a the advantages and barriers to waste heat recovery, environmental restraints, thermodynamics of heat recovery, fluid properties, boiler, condensers, steam turbines, off design behavior and exhaust catalyst. This book shows how microturbine designs rely heavily on the centrifugal compressor and are, in many aspects, similar to the early flight engines and will illustrate how the approach of the microturbine designer is to minimize cost.

    Evolution of the Gas Turbine
    Gas Turbine Systems Theory
    Gas Turbine Controls
    Parameter Characteristics
    Gas Turbine Inlet Treatment
    Gas Turbine Exhaust Treatment
    Combustion Turbine Acoustics & Noise Control
    Waste Heat Recovery
    Detectable Problems
    Boroscope Inspection
    Case Study #1
    Case Study #2
    Case Study #3
    Case Study #4
    The Gas Turbine's Future


    Tony Giampaolo MSME PE (Author)