1st Edition

Gastronomy and Local Development The Quality of Products, Places and Experiences

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Gastronomy, particularly gourmet tourism, is widely acknowledged as having a powerful impact on local development. Public policies have developed in response to research, highlighting gastronomy as key in a successful tourism economy.

    However, research thus far has not fully explored the underlying mechanisms of gastronomic tourism, in particular the marketing and perception of quality, on economic development. This book considers how the quality of products, places, and experiences contributes to the desirability and competitiveness of gourmet touristic destinations. The contributors present theoretical and empirical studies to create an original conceptual framework for regional development based on the quality of products, of places, and of touristic experience. It also examines the ways in which quality is linked to identity, diversity, innovation, and creativity.

    With an interdisciplinary approach, this book will be of interest to researchers in tourism and hospitality, regional studies, and human geography, as well as to tourism development professionals and policymakers in the areas of rural and local development.

    1. Introduction Part I – The link between quality and identity 2. C. Clergeau and O. Etcheverria The identity quality of restaurants: An affordance to the tourist ecumene? The example of the Christopher Coutanceau restaurant in La Rochelle 3. M. Férérol Gourmet tourism as part of a territorial branding strategy: The example of Auvergne 4. C. Venzal Analysing the links between identity and quality as vectors of local economic development in rural mountain areas 5. I. Lopes Cardoso The real and imaginary Alentejo: Overlapping perspectives on the various strategies for agricultural and tourism development in this Portuguese region 6. R. Lanquar Gastronomy and identity in tourism development: The role of festivals in the Province of Cordoba 7. M. Salvador Local food products as vectors of authentic tourism experiences Part II – The link between quality and diversity 8. O. Etcheverria From entrepreneurship to local development by a central actor or the dynamics of the links between quality and diversity: The example of the Longjing Caotang restaurant in Zhejiang Province, China 9. J. Piriou The Cognac vineyard region: Territorial quality as a focus of tourism development in the context of a globally consumed product 10. A. Fiamor Diversity of local food production models and local development: A comparative analysis of food production strategies Part III – The link between quality, innovation and creativity 11. I. Cabras and K. Ellison Craft beers and beer festivals: Exploring the potential for local economies and gastro-tourism in the UK 12. N. Bellini and E. Resnick The luxury turn in wine tourism: Still good for local development? 13. C. Pasquinelli Urban experiential value creation platforms: The case of Eataly in the city of Florence 14. M. Antonioli Corigliano and S. Bricchi Are social eating events a tool to experience the authentic food and wine culture of a place? 15. Gastronomy, local development, and the quality issue: A provisional conclusion


    Nicola Bellini is Professor of Economics and Management of Tourism at La Rochelle Business School and Professor of Management at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa.

    Cécile Clergeau is Professor of Management, IAE, University of Nantes, and Honorary Chair of the Francophone Association of Tourism Management.

    Olivier Etcheverria is Associate Professor at the UFR ESTHUA "Tourisme et Culture," University of Angers.