1st Edition

Gay and Lesbian Poetry An Anthology from Sappho to Michelangelo

By James J. Wilhelm Copyright 1995
    342 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1995. This anthology focuses on European languages, but also includes Arabic and Hebrew poetry of medieval Spain, arranged chronologically and accompanied by commentary about the poets' lives and work.

    Section I 3 CLASSICAL GREEK LITERATURE Chapter 1 Sappho (ca. 630-ca. 580 b.c.) Chapter 2 Early M ale Lyric Poets Chapter 3 Theocritus and the Pastoral Tradition Chapter 4 Strato of Sardis Musa Puerilis The Boyish Muse Section II CLASSICAL LATIN LITERATURE Chapter 5 The Lyric: Catullus , Horace , and Tibullus Chapter 6 Vergil Chapter 7 Ovid Chapter 8 Satire : Martial, Juvenal , and Petronius Section III MEDIEVAL LATIN LITERATURE Chapter 9 A.D. 300-1000 Chapter 10 A.D. 100-1300 Chapter 11 Anonymous Poems from Later Manuscripts Section IV ARABIC POETRY Chapter 12 Medieval Spanish Selections Section V HEBREW POETRY Chapter 13 Medieval Spanish Selections Section VI LATE MEDIEVAL VERNACULAR LITERATURE to 1400 Chapter 14 The trobairitz Bietris de Romans (ca. e a r l y 1200s)Chapter 15 Dante Alighieri (1265- 1321 ) Chapter 16 Geoffrey Chaucer (ca. 1341- 1400) Section VII ITALIAN RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TO MICHELANGELO Chapter 17 Selections from 1400 to 1550


    James J. Wilhelm

    "Amid much blather about the alrightnik Western Literary Canon, child porn, and sexopolitical correctness (mostly neoconservative, lesser on the left), here's an old Clasical tradition long censored and banished from academics, re-emerged into intlligent light: a heroic humorous homoerotic counterculture live from Sappho to Plato & Vergil, thru Medieval Latin, Arabic, Hebrew and provincial languages, up thru Renaissance to Michelangelo. It gives courage to post Whitmanic contemporaries who've come out of the Industrial Age closet." -- Allen Ginsberg