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1st Edition

Gear Drive Systems Design and Application

By Peter Lynwander Copyright 1983
    ISBN 9780824718961
    428 Pages
    Published June 8, 1983 by CRC Press

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    This book presents practical gearbox design and application information to individuals responsible for the specification and operation of mechanical systems incorporating gear drives. It focuses on parallel shaft and planetary units using spur and helical gearing.


    Types of Gear Drives: Arrangements, Tooth Forms

    Physical Arrangement Gear Ratio Torque Loading Efficiency Space and Weight Limitations Physical Environment References

    Gear Tooth Design

    The Involute Curve Gear Tooth Definitions Gear Tooth Generations Gear Teeth in Action Rolling and Sliding Velocities Helical Gears Internal Gears Measurement Over Balls or Wires Engineering Drawing Format Spline Design References

    Gearbox Rating

    Tooth Loads Strength Rating Bending Stress Rating Durability Rating Compressive Stress Rating AGMA Standards for Enclosed Drive Ratings High-Speed Gearing API Standard Sample Rating Case Scoring Flash Temperature Index Scoring Criterion Number Minimum Film Thickness Criterion Shaft Rating Shaft Stresses Keyways Spline Rating References

    Bearings and Seals

    Bearings Seals References

    Lubrication Systems

    Viscosity Viscosity Index Pour Point Gear Lubricants Rust- and Oxidation- Inhibited Oils Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants Synthetic Lubricants Lubricant Viscosity Selection Types of Lubrication Systems Pumps Filtration Coolers Oil Reservoir Breather (Vent) Piping References

    Materials and Heat Treatments

    Hardening Fundamentals Hardenability and the Use of Alloy Steels Steel Quality Processing of Through- Hardened Gears Carburizing Nitriding Forging of Gear Blanks Housing Materials Hardness Testing Nondestructive Testing Magnetic Particle Inspection Liquid Penetrant Inspection Surface Temper Inspection References

    Manufacturing Methods

    Hobbing Shaping Lapping Shaving Grinding Honing Other Methods of Gear Tooth Machining Shot Peening Inspection Equipment Functional Inspections References

    Gearbox Economics

    Gear Quality Material Costs Effect of Quantity on Costs References

    Planetary Gear Trains

    Analysis of Planetary Gear Arrangements Stoekicht Design References

    Gearbox Installation: Mounting, Alignment, Couplings

    Couplings and System Alignment Alignment Procedure References

    Gear Unit Operation: Testing, Startup, Condition Monitoring References

    Testing Special Tests Initial Field Startup Condition Monitoring References

    Maintenance and Failure Analysis: Scheduled Maintenance Actions

    Storage Overhaul and Spare Parts Troubleshooting References



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