1st Edition

Gel Permeation and Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Proteins and Peptides

Edited By Kato, Simone Parvez, Hasan Parvez Copyright 1985

    This book is a collection of critical reviews of the use of high-performance liquid chromatography in a very specialized area of research. It describes in detail modern methodology to separate nucleic acids, enzymes and a wide variety of biologically active proteins such as renin.

    "1. Application of TSKgel SW in nucleic acid separation 2. Membrane-bound hormone receptor purification and characterization by HPLC 3. Determination of protein molecular weight by gel permeation chromatography equipped with low-angle laser light scattering photometer 4. Gel permeation of proteins by high-performance gel chromatography in denaturing solvents 5. Multiple forms of cytochrome P450 separable by high-performance liquid chromatography 6. Gel permeation studies of glycoprotein by high-performance liquid chromatography 7. Gel permeation of human serum lipoprotein by HPLC 8. Heterogeneity of renin: Application of HPLC in studies on renin and renin binding protein 9. Enzyme purification by high-performance ion-exchange liquid chromatography 10. Application of HPLC for analysis and purification of catecholamine synthesizing enzymes 11. High-performance liquid chromatography for enkephalins and enkephalin-containing peptides 12. Technical aspects of biochemical high-performance column liquid chromatography"


    Hasan Parvez, Yoshio Kato