1st Edition

Gen Z Between Climate Crisis and Coronavirus Pandemic

By Klaus Hurrelmann, Erik Albrecht Copyright 2021
    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    166 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gen Z is a vital, thought-provoking portrait of an astonishing generation. Drawing on first-hand interviews and empirical evidence, it offers insight into the boom in political activism amongst those born post-2000, exploring its roots and wide implications for the future of our society.

    As environmental disaster threatens the fundamental existence and livelihoods of Generation Z, this book considers how the fact that they have taken up the fight is likely to be one of the best things that could have happened to them. Focusing on the school climate change strikes and Greta Thunberg as initiator and icon of the Fridays for Future movement, it reveals the evolving world of Gen Z at school, at work, at home and online. It documents the development of their politicisation, the challenges they and their activism face in light of the global pandemic and considers how the experience of those on the margins can differ from their peers.

    Gen Z is a compelling study of how fighting the climate crisis is only the beginning for these young people. It offers insight for all those interested in the study of adolescence and emerging adulthood, as well as teachers, youth workers, civil society activists, policymakers, politicians and parents who want to understand young people's aspirations for the future.


    Chapter 1. The Climate Crisis is Just the Beginning: Who are the young protesters and what do they want?

    Chapter 2. Greta’s Generation: The face of Gen Z?

    Chapter 3. Solidarity versus Intergenerational Conflict: How Gen Z are engaging society

    Chapter 4. Climate Protest versus Populism: Understanding Gen Z’s political orientation

    Chapter 5. No Interest in Party Politics: Why do Gen Z feel alienated?

    Chapter 6. The Digital Virtuosos: The power of media for communication and organisation

    Chapter 7. Interactive Education: Demand for more digitalisation at school

    Chapter 8. What Schools Lack: Developing knowledge and skills for life

    Chapter 9. Who Falls Through the Cracks? The Experiences of disadvantaged youth

    Chapter 10. Jobs in Transition: Navigating a shifting labour market

    Chapter 11. The Private Lives of Generation Greta: Gender, sexuality and relationships

    Chapter 12. Stuck Between the Climate Crisis and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Politicised for life




    Klaus Hurrelmann is Senior Professor of Social Sciences at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany.

    Erik Albrecht is a freelance radio journalist and international media development expert based in Berlin.