1st Edition

Gender Articulated Language and the Socially Constructed Self

Edited By Kira Hall, Mary Bucholtz Copyright 1995
    522 Pages
    by Routledge

    524 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gender Articulated is a groundbreaking work of sociolinguistics that forges new connections between language-related fields and feminist theory. Refuting apolitical, essentialist perspectives on language and gender, the essays presented here examine a range of cultures, languages and settings. They explicitly connect feminist theory to language research.

    Some of the most distinguished scholars working in the field of language and gender today discuss such topics as Japanese women's appropriation of "men's language," the literary representation of lesbian discourse, the silencing of women on the Internet, cultural mediation and Spanish use at New Mexican weddings and the uses of silence in the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings.

    needs: left accent e #13 Mary Bucholtz -- Introduction: Twenty Years After Language and Woman's Place PART I: MECHANISMS OF HEGEMONY AND CONTROL 1 Robin Tolmach Lakoff -- Cries and Whispers: The Shattering of the Silence 2 Norma Mendoza-Denton -- Pregnant Pauses: Silence and Authority in the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas Hearings 3 Susan-Herring, Deborah A. Johnson, and Tamra DiBenedetto -- This Discussion Is Going Too Far!: Male Resistance to Female Participation on the Internet 4 Elinor Ochs and Carolyn Taylor -- The Father Knows Best Dynamic in Dinnertime Narratives 5 Cathyrn Houghton -- Managing the Body of Labor: The Treatment of Reproduction and Sexuality in a Therapeutic Institution 6 Mary Talbot -- A Synthetic Sisterhood: False Friends in Teenage Magazine PART 2: AGENCY THROUGH APPROPRIATION 7 Susan Gal -- Language, Gender, and Power: An Anthropological Review 8 Kira Hall -- Lip Service on the Fantasy Line 9 Bonnie S. McElhinny -- Challenging Hegemonic Masculinites: Female and Male Police Officers Handling Domestic Violence 10 Anna Livia -- I Ought to Throw a Buick at You: Fictional Representations of Butch/Femme Speech 11 Laurel A. Sutton -- Bitches and Skankly Hobags: The Place of Women in Contemporary Slang 12 Shigeko Okamoto -- Tasteless Japanese: Less Feminine Speech Among Young Japanese Women PART 3: CONTINGENT PRACTICES AND EMERGENT SELVES 13 Michele Foster -- Are You With Me: Power and Solidarity in the Discourse of African American Women 14 Mary Bucholtz -- From Mulatta to Mestiza: Passing and the Linguistic Reshaping of Ethnic Identity 15 Tara Goldstein -- Nobody is Talking Bad: Creating Community and Claiming Power on the Production Lines 16 Jenny Cook-Gumperz -- Reproducing the Discourse of Mothering: How Gendered Talk Makes Gendered Lives 17 Maria Dolores Gonzales Velasquez -- Sometimes Spanish, Sometimes English: Language Use Among Rural New Mexican Chicanas 18 Birch Moonwoman -- The Writing on the Wall: A Border Case of Race and Gender 19 Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet -- Constructing Meaning, Constructing Selves: Snapshots of Language, Gender, and Class from Belten High


    Mary Bucholtz, Kira Hall