1st Edition

Gender Differences in Metabolism Practical and Nutritional Implications

By Mark Tarnopolsky Copyright 1998
    354 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Gender Differences in Metabolism: Practical and Nutritional Implications is the first book to successfully integrate nutritional science, exercise physiology/medicine, and metabolism. This volume explores recent scientific evidence that male and female athletes exhibit different metabolic responses and, therefore, differ in their nutritional needs and advice. Anyone interested in good health, exercise, and nutrition will find this book a valuable resource.

    1. Introduction, Mark A. Tarnopolsky 2. Hormonal Differences, Mark A. Tarnopolsky and Ronald N. Cortright 3. Gender Difference in Skeletal Muscle Histology and Ultrastructure, Katherine Chorneyko and Jacqueline Bourgeois 4. Neuromuscular Function , Digby G. Sale 5. Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity During Exercise and Influences of Gender, Steven M. Ettinger 6. Gender Differences in Carbohydrate Metabolism: Rest, Exercise, and Post Exercise, Brent C. Ruby 7. Protein Metabolism and Exercise: Potential Sex-Based Differences, Stuart M. Phillips 8. Gender Diffrences in Lipid Metabolism During Exercise and at Rest, Mark A.Tarnopolsky 9. Sex Differences in Regulation of Energy Homeostasis, Growth, and Body Composition During Periods of Energy Imbalance: Animal Studies, Ronald N. Cortright 10. Energy Metabolism (Human Studies), Klaas R. Westerterp 11. Estrogen and Oxygen Radicals: Oxidative Damage, Inflammation and Muscle Function, P. Tiitus 12. Gender Differences in Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage, P. Clarkson and S. Sayers 13. Gender Differences in the Metabolic Responses to Caffeine, T. Graham and C. MacLean