1st Edition

Gender Outlaw On Men, Women and the Rest of Us

By Kate Bornstein Copyright 1994
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gender Outlaw is the work of a woman who has been through some changes--a former heterosexual male, a one-time Scientologist and IBM salesperson, now a lesbian woman writer and actress who makes regular rounds on the TV (so to speak) talk shows. In her book, Bornstein covers the "mechanics" of her surgery, everything you've always wanted to know about gender (but were too confused to ask) addresses the place and politics of the transgendered and intterogates the questions of those who give the subject little thought, creating questions of her own.


    Kate Bornstein is a performance artist, actress and writer. She has appeared on Donahue, CNBC'S Real Personal, and other television talk shows. Her performances have drawn artistic praise from San Francisco to New York. Her most recent performance piece is The Opposite Gender is. . .Neither!.

    "Gender Outlaw is an eye-opening book, combining the emotional force of a coming-of-age story with a savvy cultural critique." -- Out
    "[Kate Borstein] offers us an abundance of questions--thoughtful, disarming, revelatory questions. Gender Outlaw is an invitation to dialogue, and it's a conversation well worth having." -- Ms.
    "Gender Outlaw is a radical document. . ." -- The Nation
    "a pastiche of oddments--dreams and memories, influences and quotations, fresh ideas and numerous received wisdoms. . ." -- Richard McCann, author of Ghost Letters
    "In an age of often hostilely expressed gender politics, Ms. Bornstein gently leads audiences through her own psychic labyrinth without antagonism. She is sweet, sincere, lucid and sometimes as corny as Kansas in August. She really should have her own television show." -- New York Times
    "...it is a pastiche of oddments--dreams and memories, influences and quotations, fresh ideas and numerous received wisdoms.." -- The Nation
    "To help us rise above the Geraldo mentality of genital fixation, Bornstein has avoided writing a traditional, tell-all autobiography. Instead, her book is a stream-of consciousness essay designed to make us think for ourselves." -- The Boston Phoenix
    "Bornstein's revolutionary ideas about gender and sexuality are authentic precisely because they come from one who's been there. . .By the time readers finish Gender Outlaw, they may indeed wonder why we live in a world with only two genders, let alone why we place so much importance one which one someone happens to be." -- San Francisco Bay Guardian