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Gender Politics--Global Issues

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The series Gender Politics, Global Issues features original research examining women's political participation and how gender affects the political life of democratic states. It encompasses a wide variety of approaches and methodologies to explore theoretically relevant topics pertaining to the interrelation of gender, politics, and policy, both in the United States and worldwide.

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Gender and Social Capital

Gender and Social Capital

1st Edition

Edited By Brenda O'Neill, Elisabeth Gidengil
November 08, 2005

The volume brings together a stellar group of contributors who examine the social capital thesis by means of four different approaches: theoretical, historical, comparative, and empirical. In the end, this book will serve to answer two fundamental questions which have hitherto been neglected: What ...

Gender and Candidate Communication VideoStyle, WebStyle, NewStyle

Gender and Candidate Communication: VideoStyle, WebStyle, NewStyle

1st Edition

Edited By Dianne G. Bystrom, Terry Robertson, Mary Christine Banwart, Lynda Lee Kaid
August 29, 2004

A poll as recently as 2000 revealed that a third of the population thinks there are general characteristics about women that make them less qualified to serve as president. As the public and the media rely on long-held stereotypes, female candidates must focus even harder on the way they want to ...

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