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Gender, Theology and Spirituality

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The series explores the gendered nature and practice of theology and spirituality and aims to extend the boundaries of theology through materialist and radical analysis.

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Christian Goddess Spirituality Enchanting Christianity

Christian Goddess Spirituality: Enchanting Christianity

1st Edition

By Mary Ann Beavis
November 02, 2015

This monograph focuses on "Christian Goddess Spirituality" (CGS), the phenomenon of (mostly) women who combine Christianity and Goddess Spirituality, including Wicca/Witchcraft. Mary Ann Beavis’s study provides ethnographic data and analysis on the lived religious experience of CGS practitioners, ...

Radical Otherness Sociological and Theological Approaches

Radical Otherness: Sociological and Theological Approaches

1st Edition

By Lisa Isherwood, David Harris
September 02, 2014

The problem of otherness is central to debates in both the social sciences and theology. To define the other – by colour, gender, politics, nationality, or religion – is to define the self. Othering has been used through history as a justification for boundary-setting, for conflict and for ...

Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible Patronymic, Metronymic, Legitimate and Illegitimate Relations

Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible: Patronymic, Metronymic, Legitimate and Illegitimate Relations

1st Edition

By Thalia Gur-Klein
August 14, 2014

A woman's life in the ancient world was constrained by her social and economic status. As a daughter she was firmly under the aegis of her father and brothers, who would later allocate the woman to another man as his wife. The power of fathers and husbands extended to using their wives and ...

Women and Reiki Energetic/Holistic Healing in Practice

Women and Reiki: Energetic/Holistic Healing in Practice

1st Edition

By Judith MacPherson
August 08, 2014

'Women and Reiki' is the first ethnographic study of Reiki and energetic healing in Britain. The book argues that if we are to build an accurate and comprehensive picture of healing we must examine the role of gender, representation and power. Although women healers predominate at the grass roots ...

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