1st Edition

Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies Inscribed on the Body

Edited By Susan Hogan Copyright 2020
    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies: Inscribed on the Body offers worldwide perspectives on gender in arts therapies practice and provides understandings of gender and arts therapies in a variety of global contexts. Bringing together leading researchers and lesser-known voices, it contains an eclectic mix of viewpoints, and includes detailed case studies of arts therapies practice in an array of social settings and with different populations.

    In addition to themes of gender identification, body politics and gender fluidity, this title discusses gender and arts therapies across the life-course, encompassing in its scope, art, music, dance and dramatic play therapy.

    Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies demonstrates clinical applications of the arts therapies in relation to gender, along with ideas about best practice. It will be of great interest to academics and practitioners in the field of arts therapies globally.

    1. Introduction. Inscribed on the Body: Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies
    2. Prof. Susan Hogan

    3. Feminism as Practice: Crafting and the Politics of the Therapeutic
    4. Dr. Savneet Talwar

    5. Under the Skin: Barriers and Opportunities for Dance-Movement Therapy & Art Psychotherapy with LGBT+ Clients
    6. Dr. Thania Acarón & Alison Wren

    7. Breaking and Entering: Wounded Masculinity and Sexual Offending
    8. Emma Allen

    9. Body Politics and Performance of Gender in Music Therapy
    10. Dr Randi Rolvsjord & Dr Jill Halstead

    11. Mask and Gender: From Concealment to Revelation, from Pain to Relief. Arts Therapies with Masks. A Journey Through Art Therapy
    12. Irina Katz-Mazilu

    13. Mediating the Cultural Boundaries: The Rise of Lion Rock Spirit in Hong Kong Women
    14. Bianca Ling Cheun Lee & Regina Wai Yin Au

    15. Gender Difference Expressed in Costuming and Dramatic Play: Warrior Cat Boy
    16. Dr Jeanne Sutherland

    17. On Being a Male Dramatherapist
    18. Dr. Clive Holmwood

    19. The Perilous House

    20. Silvia Wyder

    21. Gender Fluidity Through Dance Movement Therapy
    22. Julie Hall

    23. Gender Research in Dance Movement Therapy
    24. Katherina Forstreuter and Sabine C. Koch

    25. Art Therapy and Motherhood as a Rite of Passage
    26. Evelina Jagminaite

    27. Gender Identity, Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation in a Drama-Therapeutic Context: An Attachment Perspective
    28. Craig Flickinger

    29. Dismantling the Gender Binary in Elder Care: Creativity Instead of Craft
    30. Dr. Erin Partridge

    31. Beyond Masculine and Feminine: Responding to Real Expressions of Gender Identity and the Effect on our Own Gender Identity in Psychotherapy Practice
    32. Mark Wheeler

    33. Beyond the Binaries: Negotiating Gender and Sex in Music Therapy

    Dr Susan Hadley and Maevon Gumble


    Susan Hogan is Professor of Arts & Health at the University of Derby, UK. She has written extensively on the relationship between the arts and insanity, and the role of the arts in rehabilitation, particularly in relation to women.

    "Exploring and explaining the role of arts therapists in dismantling assumptions based in biological determinism and psychoanalytic theory makes for fascinating reading in this text. Authors of diverse backgrounds carefully consider how and why they see individuals as active agents who engage with creative methods in order to reconceive themselves during times of distress and pain. This text draws on critical theory to demonstrate how the arts can provide conditions in which we are able to thrive as the unique individuals that we are by transcending the systems of domination and oppression that might otherwise shape our lives." - Professor Katrina McFerran, The University of Melbourne, Australia

    "A short endorsement cannot do justice to this very important book. The theme of ‘Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies’ allows the authors to dig deep into the soil and landscape of the arts therapies. Much of it has not been excavated before, and there are rich gems to be found. There are crucial discoveries, such as that body-movement can create changes in the brain, art therapy can include crafts and making of objects, and costume and dramatic play can support a transgender teenager discover his role in life. The editor obviously has skills in choosing and balancing the chapters which include the highly academic as well as the practice-based. This remarkable book should be required reading for teachers, clinicians, therapists and all the rest." - Professor Sue Jennings, PhD, visiting Professor of Dramatherapy at University of Derby, UK, Professor of Play (EFD) and specialist in Neuro-Dramaric-Play.

    "This important book provides a wide variety of perspectives that explore gender as a multifaceted social construct that is affected by sex, class, and cultural mores. It provides theoretical and research perspectives along with case studies that illustrate the use of a broad range of creative arts and arts interventions from those theoretical perspectives to support exploration and challenge of these constructs and perspectives via image and metaphor." - Christianne Strang, PhD ATR-BC, President of the American Art Therapy Association.

    "‘Inscribed on the Body’ addresses the complex relationships between gender and the arts therapies in ways that are illuminating and challenging. Historic positive developments in attitude and resistances to change are examined through lucid debate in ways that create insight into life inside and outside the therapy room. Rich and varied clinical material provides access to practice covering a range of international contexts, presented and interrogated with verve and critical energy. Concepts such as gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation and intersectionality are brought alive in ways that avoid generalisation and take the reader into very particular contexts to reveal how they are present in visible and invisible ways within arts therapy practice. Essential in understanding arts therapy work with all clients, and in developing thinking and practical responses to complex areas, this book is both accessible and deeply provocative." - Professor Phil Jones, University College London, UK, Institute of Education, author of The Arts Therapies and Drama As Therapy.

    "This timely book representing the insights of leading creative arts therapies scholars and the diverse range of people with whom they work is a welcome addition to the literature. Hogan has amassed a comprehensive collection of chapters critically examining the most pertinent questions and concepts related to gender and difference impacting marginalized groups and society at large today. With topics addressed including gender politics, identity politics, power and privilege, economic and social justice, and more – it holds immense appeal and relevance for scholars, clinicians and students alike." - Donna Betts, PhD, ATR-BC, Past President, the American Art Therapy Association; Clinical Research Advisor, Creative Forces, National Endowment for the Arts Military Healing Arts Network; Adjunct Associate Professor of Art Therapy, George Washington University, USA.

    "At last we have a definitive book that takes a deep dive into the therapeutic issues imbued in gender, culture, identity, and the body. Written by arts therapies clinicians, this book takes on these crucial constructs in an inclusive and representative way. Gender, like the body itself, is often the unexamined elephant in the treatment room, when it actually strongly affects every interaction, in every moment. By situating gender in a strong clinical spotlight, these authors advance our understanding and our skills in using the arts to help us all embody our genders, our identities, and our cultures in a conscious and honest way." - Christine Caldwell, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology, Somatic Counseling, Naropa University, USA.

    "This fantastic book offers a welcome international overview of issues which, although central to arts therapies practice, are often not given the prominence they deserve. Authors share their considerable experience and knowledge and contribute to extending ours. It is also expertly edited and collated by Professor Susan Hogan and gathers perspectives from all the arts therapies which makes it a gripping read. I recommend it to all practitioners, from trainees to experienced arts therapists, as a source of information and knowledge that will be useful in everyday clinical work." - Dr Val Huet (PhD), Chief Executive Officer, British Association of Art Therapists.