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Gender and Genre in Literature

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Female Heroism in the Pastoral

Female Heroism in the Pastoral

1st Edition

Edited By Gail David
March 01, 1991

The past decade has given us explorations of such forms as the Bildungsroman, the Kunstleroman, the utopian and Gothic novel as women have written them; studies are even now emerging of the female-authored elegy, sonnet sequence and other pure and mixed poetic modes. Women’s work in non-fiction ...

Fiction by Nineteenth-Century Women Writers A New England Sampler

Fiction by Nineteenth-Century Women Writers: A New England Sampler

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas A. Maik
June 01, 1999

In an era following the Civil War which saw change and transformation everywhere, new magazines emerged to record and report the change. Responding to the call for material to fill their pages, writers in regions such as New England, the West, and the South answered, most often with short stories. ...

In Her Own Voice Nineteenth-Century American Women Essayists

In Her Own Voice: Nineteenth-Century American Women Essayists

1st Edition

By Sherry L. Linkon
April 17, 2019

In Her Own Voice examines the literary history of women’s nonfiction writing through studies of individual writers, their works, and their careers. The essays in this collection consider the development of women’s public voices, relationships between women essayists and their editors and readers....

AIDS Narratives Gender and Sexuality, Fiction and Science

AIDS Narratives: Gender and Sexuality, Fiction and Science

1st Edition

Edited By Steven F. Kruger, Steven F. Kruger
August 26, 2016

This is the first book-length study of the rich fiction that has emerged from the AIDS crisis. Examining first the ways in which scientific discourse on AIDS has reflected ideologies of gender and sexuality-such as the construction of AIDS as a disease of gay men, part of a battle over masculinity...

Three Radical Women Writers Class and Gender in Meridel Le Sueur, Tillie Olsen, and Josephine Herbst

Three Radical Women Writers: Class and Gender in Meridel Le Sueur, Tillie Olsen, and Josephine Herbst

1st Edition

By Nora Ruth Roberts
March 01, 1996

Combining biography, history, and literary theory, this work looks at three of the most significant women writers to emerge from American radicalism of the 1930s. Le Sueur, Olsen, and Herbst were influenced by the Communist movement of the time, but each also forged an independent vision of ...

South African Feminisms Writing, Theory, and Criticism,l990-l994

South African Feminisms: Writing, Theory, and Criticism,l990-l994

1st Edition

Edited By M.J. Daymond
March 01, 1996

This is the first collection of feminist critical essays by and about women in South Africa to appear outside of that country. Many of the pieces were written after February 1990, when President de Klerk lifted the ban on black political organizations. The recognition that a just society cannot be ...

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