1st Edition

Gender and Social Psychology

By Vivien Burr Copyright 1998

    Explaining theory and research in an accessible but thorough manner, Gender and Social Psychology critically evaluates the contribution that psychology has made to the study of gender, examining key issues such a family roles and parenting, inequalities in education, jobs and pay, and the effects of media representation of the sexes.

    1 Key issues and perspectives 2 Gender differences in personality 3 Education 4 Work and family 5 Representations and language 6 Gender and psychological research


    Vivien Burr is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Huddersfield. Her previous publications include An Introduction to Social Constructionism (1995).

    Excellent. A comprehensive summary, drawing on a wide range of literature. Her style is clear and enjoyable, her analysis critical and sharp. The student new to this area (whether in their first or final year) will certainly come away informed. - Suzanne Zeedyk, University of Dundee

    Very clear and interesting... Easy to understand, especially for those students with no background in Psychology. The material and examples appeal to the everyday experience of most students. - Barbara Deguzis, research student, Bolton Institute