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Gender in Law, Culture, and Society: Gender in Law, Culture, and Society

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Gender in Law, Culture, and Society will address key issues and theoretical debates related to gender, culture, and the law. Its titles will advance understanding of the ways in which a society’s cultural and legal approaches to gender intersect, clash, and are reconciled or remain in tension. The series will further examine connections between gender and economic and political systems, as well as various other cultural and societal influences on gender construction and presentation, including social and legal consequences that men and women uniquely or differently encounter. Intended for a scholarly readership as well as for courses, its titles will be a mix of single-authored volumes and collections of original essays that will be both pragmatic and theoretical. It will draw from the perspectives of critical and feminist legal theory, as well as other schools of jurisprudence. Interdisciplinary, and international in scope, the series will offer a range of voices speaking to significant questions arising from the study of law in relation to gender, including the very nature of law itself.

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Law, Responsibility and Vulnerability State Accountability and Responsiveness

Law, Responsibility and Vulnerability: State Accountability and Responsiveness

1st Edition


Edited By James Gallen, Tanya Ni Mhuirthile
September 30, 2021

This book addresses how law and public policy cause or exacerbate vulnerability in individuals and groups. Bringing together scholars, judges and practitioners, it identifies how individuals and groups can become vulnerabilised through the operation of law, and examines how the State can ...

The Subversive Sex Women in Law and Theatre

The Subversive Sex: Women in Law and Theatre

1st Edition


By Debora Threedy
September 28, 2021

This book explores the intersection of law and gender in dramatic narratives and in legal narratives. This allows the reader to compare the stories told onstage with those told in court (another kind of stage) with respect to their representations of women, with a particular emphasis on the role ...

Assisted Reproduction, Vulnerability and the Global Market Regulating Desire

Assisted Reproduction, Vulnerability and the Global Market: Regulating Desire

1st Edition


By Rachel Fenton
August 28, 2021

This monograph provides an original piece of critical scholarship which positions ART provision firmly within the context of vulnerability, globalisation and the discourse of injustice and exploitation. It uses the regulation of ARTs in the UK, the US and Italy to explore the diversity and ...

Islamic Feminisms Rights and Interpretations Across Generations in Iran

Islamic Feminisms: Rights and Interpretations Across Generations in Iran

1st Edition

By Roja Fazaeli
August 14, 2018

This book explores the contentious topic of women’s rights in Muslim-majority countries, with a specific focus on Iran and the Iranian women’s movement from 1906 to the present. The work contextualizes the authorial self through the use of personal narrative and interviews. A new critique of ...

Vulnerability and the Legal Organization of Work

Vulnerability and the Legal Organization of Work

1st Edition

Edited By Martha Albertson Fineman, Jonathan W. Fineman
June 21, 2017

This book uses the concepts of vulnerability and resilience to analyze the situation of individuals and institutions in the context of the employment relationship. It is based on the premise that both employer and employee are vulnerable to various social, economic, and political forces, although ...

Critical Queer Studies Law, Film, and Fiction in Contemporary American Culture

Critical Queer Studies: Law, Film, and Fiction in Contemporary American Culture

1st Edition

By Casey Charles
November 28, 2016

Critical Queer Studies examines contemporary films and documentaries that dramatize the intersection of law and queer life, analyzing the effects of legal doctrines-jury selection, unwanted sexual advance, negligence, hate crimes, and gay marriage-on the production and reception of queer film and ...

Privatization, Vulnerability, and Social Responsibility A Comparative Perspective

Privatization, Vulnerability, and Social Responsibility: A Comparative Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Martha Albertson Fineman, Titti Mattsson, Ulrika Andersson
November 23, 2016

Taking a cross-cultural perspective, this book explores how privatization and globalization impact contemporary feminist and social justice approaches to public responsibility. Feminist legal theorists have long problematized divisions between the private and the political, an issue with growing ...

Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers Outlaws by Choice?

Sister Wives, Surrogates and Sex Workers: Outlaws by Choice?

1st Edition

By Angela Campbell
September 09, 2016

Did she choose that?’ Or, more normatively, ’Why would she choose that?’ This book critiques and offers an alternative to these questions, which have traditionally framed law and policy discussions circulating around controversial genderized practices. It examines the simplicity and incompleteness ...

Gender, Truth and State Power Capitalising on Punishment

Gender, Truth and State Power: Capitalising on Punishment

1st Edition

By Anette Ballinger
July 12, 2016

This book is concerned with critically analysing the importance of the status of knowledge in establishing ‘truth’ about female defendants convicted of murder during the 20th Century. While the abolition of the death penalty in the UK has insured that the impact of this knowledge is no longer one ...

In Search of Common Ground on Abortion From Culture War to Reproductive Justice

In Search of Common Ground on Abortion: From Culture War to Reproductive Justice

1st Edition

Edited By Robin West, Justin Murray, Meredith Esser
March 12, 2014

This book brings together academics, legal practitioners and activists with a wide range of pro-choice, pro-life and other views to explore the possibilities for cultural, philosophical, moral and political common ground on the subjects of abortion and reproductive justice more generally. It aims ...

Exploring Masculinities Feminist Legal Theory Reflections

Exploring Masculinities: Feminist Legal Theory Reflections

1st Edition

Edited By Martha Albertson Fineman, Michael Thomson
November 21, 2013

While masculinities theory has had much to say on relationships of subordination, few feminist legal scholars have examined the implications of masculinities theory for feminist legal theory. This volume investigates the ways in which emerging masculinities theory in law could inform feminist legal...

Feminism, Law, and Religion

Feminism, Law, and Religion

1st Edition

Edited By Marie Failinger, Elizabeth Schiltz, Susan J. Stabile
July 26, 2013

With contributions from some of the most prominent voices writing on gender, law and religion today, this book illuminates some of the conflicts at the intersection of feminism, theology and law. It examines a range of themes from the viewpoint of identifiable traditions such as Judaism, ...

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