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    Explores the ethical issues faced by GPs in their everyday practice, addressing two central themes; the uncertainty of outcomes and effectiveness in general practice and the changing pattern of general practitioners' responsibilities.

    Introduction; Part 1 Themes; Chapter 1 Uncertainty and Responsibility, Christopher Dowrick; Chapter 2 Evidence-Based Medicine and General Practice, Lucy Frith; Chapter 3 Ethico-Legal Dilemmas within General Practice, Len Doyal; Chapter 4 The General Practitioner and Confidentiality, Jean McHale; Chapter 5 Patient-Centredness, Carl May, Nicola Mead; Chapter 6 Ethics and Postmodernity, Sam Smith; Part 2 Topics; Chapter 7 The Ethics of Prescribing, Colin Bradley; Chapter 8 Depression in General Practice, Roger Higgs; Chapter 9 Advance Directives, Angus Dawson; Chapter 10 The Ethics of Research in General Practice, Roger Jones;


    Christopher Dowrick is Professor of Primary Medical Care at the University of Liverpool and a general practitioner in North Liverpool. Lucy Frith is Lecturer in Health Care Ethics at the University of Liverpool. She is the editor of Midwifery Ethics: A Multi-disciplinary approach (1996).

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