1st Edition

Generation and Application of High Power Microwaves

Edited By R.A Cairns, A.D.R. Phelps Copyright 1997
    348 Pages
    by CRC Press

    352 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Written at the graduate level, Generation and Application of High Power Microwaves discusses the basic physics of the generation of microwave and radiofrequency waves in the megawatt power range and the application of these ideas to a range of devices such as klystrons, gyrotrons, and free electron lasers. The book also contains chapters covering the transmission of the power through waveguides and the problems associated with mode conversion in transmission lines. The main application area covered is the heating and current drive in tokamaks and other devices for research into controlled nuclear fusion. Other applications of high power microwave technology are not neglected, and among those discussed are multiple charged ion and soft x-ray sources, electron spin resonance spectroscopy, advanced materials processing, millimeter wave radar, and supercolliders.

    Phelps: Introduction to microwave sources. Petelin: Spontaneous and Stimulated Radiation of Classical Electrons. Bonifacio: High gain free electron laser with waveguide. Eastwood: Computer Modelling of Microwave Sources. Blank: Gyro-Amplifiers. Garven/Parker: Vacuum Microelectronics for Microwave Power Amplifiers. Thumm: Modes and Mode Conversion in Microwave Devices. Faillon: Klystrons and related devices. Vomvoridis: Cyclotron Resonance Effects on a Rectilinear Electron Beam for the Generation of High-Power Microwaves. Cairns: Interaction of Radiation with Plasmas. Fisch: Uses of Intense Microwaves in Tokamaks. Brambilla: The Physics of Ion Cyclotron Heating in Tokamaks. Gormezano: RF systems for heating and current drive. Thumm: Applications of High-Power Microwave Devices. Participants Addresses. Index.


    R.A Cairns (University of St Andrews, Scotland) (Edited by) ,  A.D.R. Phelps (University of Strathclyde, Glascow, Scotland, UK) (Edited by)