1st Edition

Genesis of the Common Market

By W.O. Henderson Copyright 2006
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1962. A study of the rise of great industries in Western Europe. The factors which promoted industrial growth in Britain also influenced economic developments on the other side of the English Channel and there were signs of progress in the manufactures of France, Germany and the Low Countries. The Common Market of the twentieth century owed much to the pioneer work of nineteenth-century statesmen who attempted in various ways to liberalize European trade.


    1. The rise of the great industries of Western Europe

    i. Iron and Steel

    ii. Engineering

    iii. Coal

    iv. Textiles

    v. Chemicals

    2. An eighteenth century approach. The Anglo-French Commercial Treaty of 1786

    3. International co-operation in the nineteenth century

    i. Slave trade

    ii. Opium trade

    iii. Arms and liquor

    iv. Fisheries

    v. Sugar

    vi. Agriculture

    vii. Currencies and Gold Standard

    viii. Health

    ix. Communications

    x. International Cartels

    5. Customs unions in the nineteenth century

    i. National Common Markets

    ii. The German Customs Unions

    6. International co-operation after two World Wars

    i. 1919-1939

    ii. 1945-50

    7. The Genesis of the Common Market

    i. The Coal and Steel Community

    ii. The Economic Community


    W.O. Henderson