1st Edition

Genetic Engineering of Plants for Crop Improvement

By Rup Lal Copyright 1993
    256 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Genetic Engineering of Plants for Crop Improvement discusses current genetic engineering methods for plants and addresses the commercial opportunities for transgenic plants. Topics covered include Agrobacterium-mediated transformations, the use of electroporation, PEG-mediated transformation, microinjection, the microprojectile bombardment method, and the electrical discharge particle acceleration method. A concise account of the resistance of transgenic plants to insect attack, viral infection, and herbicides has also been provided. Possibilities for genetic manipulation for proteins that have superior nutritional properties are discussed, and a brief account of tests confirming the safety and commercial validity of transgenic plants is included. A valuable source of information for researchers and students in plant biotechnology, plant gene manipulation, molecular biology, and all areas of the life sciences.

    1. Gene Transfer Methods for Crop Improvement 2. Genetic Engineering of Insect Control Agents and Production of Insect Resistant Plants 3. Engineering Herbicide Resistance into Plants 4. Engineered Resistance against Plant Virus Diseases 5. Improvement of Nutritional Quality of Plants by Manipulation of Seed Storage Genes 6. Impact of Genetically Modified Crops in Agriculture and Ecological Risk