1st Edition

Genetic Influences on Neural and Behavioral Functions

    504 Pages
    by CRC Press

    502 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Utilizing the flood of information derived from the Human Genome Project and corresponding efforts to elucidate the mouse genome, Genetic Influences on Neural and Behavioral Functions provides a scholarly catalog, organized logically, of relations between the expression of specific genes, nerve cell biology and behavior, normal and abnormal, in animals AND humans.
    Sample topics include genes in relation to schiziphrenia, panic disorder, epilepsy, alcoholism, sleep, eating disorders, and more.

    Genes and Brain Function: An Introduction-Genetics and Opioid Pharmacology-The Search for Susceptibility Genes in Bipolar Disorder-Genetics of Schizophrenia-The Genetic Basis and Neurobiologic Characteristics of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-Panic Disorder: A Genetic Perspective-The Genetics of Epilepsy: Mouse and Human Studies-Genetics of Alcoholism-Alcohol and Other Abused Drugs-Molecular Genetics of Primary Tumors of the Central Nervous System-. Cavenee Paraneoplastic Neurologic Disorders and Onconeural Antigens-The Neurofibromatoses: Genetic and Molecular Progress-Dendritic Localization of mRNA and Local Protein Synthesis-Molecular Biological and Histochemical Analysis on the Functional Significance of Phosphoinositide Metabolism in the Nervous System-Genes in Differentiation, Survival, and Degeneration of Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons-Genetic Influences on Circadian Rhythms in Mammals-Genetics of Sleep and Its Disorders-Genetic Influences on the Nervous System and Behavior: Hearing-Peripheral Mechanisms of Somato-Visceral Sensation - Feeding and Obesity Genes- The Genetics of Eating Disorders-Genetic Influences on Aggressive Behavior-Genes Participating in Reproductive Behaviors-Genetic Influences on Emotionality-Approaches to Study the Genetic Regulation of Learning and Memory- Index


    Donald W. Pfaff, Wade H. Berrettini, Tong H. Joh, Stephen C. Maxson