1st Edition

Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Berries

Edited By Kevin M. Folta, Chittaranjan Kole Copyright 2011
    232 Pages 7 Color & 10 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    There has been considerable interest in berries recently, as their health-related, culinary, and biological properties have driven new initiatives in berry breeding and production. Breakthroughs in molecular technologies allow genomics-enabled approaches to augment research efforts. This volume documents the basic botany and culture of four major berry crops and then follows the scientific milestones that have ushered these systems into the modern genomics era. Leading researchers in each crop system detail the recent findings in genetics, genomics, and breeding that seek to improve sustainable cultivation, fruit quality, and availability.

    Blueberry; Lisa J. Rowland, James F. Hancock and Nahla V. Bassil
    Basic Information on the Plant
    Classical Genetics and Traditional Breeding
    Association Studies
    Molecular Linkage Maps: Strategies, Resources, and Achievements Evolution of DNA Markers
    Construction of Genetic Linkage maps
    Molecular Mapping of Simply Inherited and Complex Traits Molecular and Transgenic Breeding
    Structural Genomics
    Functional Genomics: Transcriptomics
    Role of Bioinformatics as a Tool
    Conclusions and Future Prospects
    Cranberry; Anna Zdepski, Samir C. Debnath, Amy Howell, James Polashock, Peter Oudemans, Nicholi Vorsa and Todd P. Michael
    Cranberry Genetic Resources
    Cranberry Genome
    Future Research and Perspectives
    Raspberries and Blackberries; John-David Swanson, John E. Carlson, Felicidad Fernández-Fernández, Chad E. Finn, Julie Graham, Courtney Weber, Daniel J. Sargent
    Rubus: A Preamble
    Diversity Analysis
    Linkage Mapping and Molecular Breeding
    Mapping of Simply
    Inherited Traits
    Molecular Mapping of Complex Traits
    Molecular Breeding
    Genomic Resources, the Future
    Future Prospects
    Fragaria History and Breeding; Philip J. Stewart
    Strawberry Genome Composition, Linkage Maps and Markers; Kevin M. Folta, Béatrice Denoyes-Rothan, Mathieu Rousseau-Gueutin, and Philip J. Stewart
    Strawberry Structural and Functional Genomics; Janet P. Slovin, Todd P. Michael


    Kevin M. Folta, Horticultural Sciences Department, Institute for Food and Agriculture Sciences (IFAS), University of Florida. Chittaranjan Kole, Department of Genetics and Biochemistry, Clemson University, USA.