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    Published August 25, 2015 by Garland Science

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    Genetics of Complex Disease examines how the identification of genetic variations that increase or reduce the risk of common, genetically complex, diseases can be used to improve our understanding of the pathology of many common diseases; enable better patient management and care; and help with differential diagnosis.  It starts with the questions of "what", "why" and "how," and continues with more specific topics such as HLA and immunogenetics, pharmacogenetics, cancer, and diabetes. It finishes with a discussion of ethical issues, and looks to future developments. Genetics of Complex Disease is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the biomedical sciences and medicine.

    1. Genetic Diversity
    2. Defining Complex Disease
    3. How to Investigate Complex Disease Genetics
    4. Why Investigate Complex Disease Genetics?
    5. Statistical Considerations for the Planning and Analysis of Genetic Studies in Complex Disease.
    6. The MHC
    7. Genetics of Infectious Disease
    8. Pharmacogenetics
    9. Cancer as a Complex Disease: Genetic Factors Affecting Cancer Susceptibility and Cancer Treatment
    10. Genetic Studies on Susceptibility to Diabetes
    11. Ethical, Social and Personal Consequences
    12. Sequencing Technology and the Future of Complex Disease Genetics


    Peter Donaldson, Ann Daly, and Debbie Bevitt are all at the Department of Medicine, University of Newcastle, UK. Peter Donaldson designed and teaches the genetics of complex disease courses for final year undergraduates and graduate students at Newcastle and will be the lead author; his research interests are in immunogenetics. Ann Daly is an expert in pharmacogenetics and metabolic disorders; Debbie Bevitt researches into the role of genetics in infectious diseases. They also teach on the above courses.

    Luca Ermini has recently moved from Newcastle to the Institute of Cancer Research, UK. He works on genomic studies of population variation, including statistical genetics.

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