440 Pages 12 Color & 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    While remote sensing gives a surface depiction of the world, its recent convergence with GIS enables richer depictions that can be used to simulate physical processes, identify trends, and make more accurate predictions.

    GeoDynamics is based on specialized lectures from an international field of experts, addressing remote sensing, spatially distributed modeling of land surface processes, and urban dynamics as part of the GeoComputation conference. It focuses on this symbiotic relationship in a detailed discussion of both remote sensing and spatially distributed dynamic modeling.

    The book analyzes recent developments in assembling geographical information such as: the ubiquitous deployment of portable measurement devices enabled with global positioning technology and its impact on the field; the management, benefits, and challenges of modeling dynamic processes in three dimensions; the implications of temporal granularity of simulations to predictions; and the appropriate representation of human factors in GIS. It illustrates the importance of incorporating interdisciplinary sciences to hone GIS capabilities, the advantage of sharing data and representations, and effective communication through visualization. This book establishes how these integrated technologies have become a central part of building spatial representations.

    GeoDynamics is a lasting record of this groundbreaking conference and a valuable contribution to the growing literature on GeoDynamics for academics and practitioners alike.

    GeoDynamics: an Introduction, Paul Longley

    REMOTE SENSING, Giles M. Foody, Steven E. Darby, Fulong Wu, Peter M. Atkinson
    Introduction - Remote Sensing in GeoDynamics, Giles Foody
    CASCAM: Crisp and Soft Classification Accuracy Measurement Software, Mohamed A. Shalan, Manoj K. Arora and John Elgy
    Aggregation as a Means of Reducing Raster Data Uncertainty, Yohay Carme
    Improving The Update of Geospatial Information Databases From Imagery Using Semi-Automated User-Guidance Techniques, David A. Holland and William Tompkinson
    Developing Smart Spatial Systems Using CommonKADS, Paul Crowther, Jackie Hartnett
    Identifying Land Cover Change Using a Semantic Statistical Approach: First Results, Alex J. Comber, Peter F. Fisher and Richard A. Wadsworth
    Texture Based Segmentation of Fine Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed for Identification Of Fuzzy Objects, Arko Lucieer, Peter Fisher and Alfred Stein
    Per-Pixel Uncertainty for Change Detection Using Airborne Data; Kyle Brown

    PHYSICAL PROCESSES, Steven E. Darby, Fulong Wu, Peter M. Atkinson, Giles M. Foody
    Introduction - Spatially Distributed Dynamic Modelling, Steve Darby
    Dynamic Modeling of the Effects of Water, Temperature and Light on Tree Population Spread, T. Svoray and R. Nathan
    Uncovering Spatial Feedbacks at Alpine Treeline Using Spatial Metrics in Evolutionary Simulations, George P. Malanson and Yu Zeng
    Modelling of Geomorphic Processes In An Alpine Catchment, Volker Wichmann and Michael Becht
    A 3-Dimensional, GIS-Based Model of Historical Groundwater and Slope Stability, Jochen Schmidt
    Prediction Uncertainty in Elevation and Its Effect on Flood Inundation Modeling, Matthew D. Wilson and Peter M. Atkinson

    HUMAN PROCESSES, Fulong Wu, Peter M. Atkinson, Giles M. Foody, Steven E. Darby
    Introduction - Urban Simulation, Fulong Wu
    The Limits of Simplicity: Toward Geocomputational Honesty In Urban Modeling, Keith Clarke
    Spatio-Temporal Difference in Model Outputs and Parameter Space as Determined by Calibration Extent, Charles Dietzel
    Brains vs. Brawn - Comparative Strategies for the Calibration of a Cellular Automata-Based Urban Growth Model, Noah Goldstein
    Integrated Urban Evolutionary Modeling, Yichun Xie and Michael Batty
    Linking Transport and Land Use Planning: The Microscopic Dynamic Simulation Model ILUMASS, Dirk Strauch, Jürgen Gräfe, Rolf Moeckel, Michael Wegener, Heike Mühlhans, Guido Rindsfüser, and Klaus-J. Beckmann
    Simulating Urban Dynamics in Latin American Cities, Joana Barros
    Error Propagation and Model Uncertainties of Cellular Automata in Urban Simulation With GIS, Anthony
    Gar-On Yeh and Xia Li
    Geographic Automata Systems: a New Paradigm for Integrating GIS and Geographic Simulation, Itzhak Benenson; P.M. Torrens
    An Ontological Approach To Simulating Human Reasoning And Behavioural Dynamics In Agent-Based Models Of Geographic Phenomena, Pragya Agarwal

    GeoDynamics: Shaping The Future, Peter M. Atkinson, Giles M. Foody, Steven E. Darby, Fulong Wu


    Peter Atkinson, Giles M. Foody, Steven E. Darby, Fulong Wu

    "a well-selected group of papers from keynote speakers and special sessions at GeComputation 2003. As such, it rises well above the usual run of the post-conference publications and will earn its shelf space many times over…provides an excellent overview of the field…perfect reading for a post-graduate starting to build a proposal…useful reading for researchers specializing in other areas of the literature to keep up with developments in this fast moving sub-discipline."
    -Brian G. Lees, ISPRS Highlights

    "…very useful state-of-the-art book that will certainly familiarize readers with research-frontier activity within remote sensing…..should have wide appeal to no less than three distinct subcultures…"
    Journal of Spatial Science